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Are you looking to build strength or drop a few extra pounds? Do you want to improve your quality of life? Do you want a program to help strengthen the body and improve overall functionality? Our professional team can help you to successfully achieve your goals. All personal training sessions are 1 hour. For more information or to sign up for personal training, call 561-712-5200. Friends of the J receive 15% discount.

One-on-One Personal Training
One-on-One private sessions are provided by certified personal trainers to help you meet your individual health and fitness goals.
1 session $60
5 sessions $280
10 sessions $530
20 sessions $999

Buddy Personal Training (2 people)
Workout with a friend and save money! Having a workout buddy can be the most enjoyable way to get fit and reach your goals! Your trainer will guide you both through exercises for your individual fitness levels.
1 session $50/person
5 sessions $240/person
10 sessions $400/person

Small Group Training (3-6 people)
Gather a group of your friends for a fun filled private exercise class. Trainers will focus on group fitness as well as each individual. A fantastic way to minimize costs and maximize your efforts!
8 sessions $240/per person

Youth Training
These one-on-one private sessions are designed specifically for children ages 10 and up. Our certified personal trainer will design a customized wellness plan tailored to your child’s needs.
1 session $60
5 sessions $280
10 sessions $530
20 sessions $999

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