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Based on a forward-thinking and constantly evolving – yet deep rooted educational philosophy – the Barbara & Jack Kay Early Childhood Learning Center focuses on welcoming children and their families into a quality educational experience based on Jewish values. Children are encouraged to develop as individuals as well as members of the Jewish community.

Spaces and environments are filled with intent; each is purposely designed to provoke wonder, curiosity, itellectual engagement and creativity with endless possibilities.

clientuploads/2010_images/mandel/ecd_pm_r.jpg Children are given critical opportunities at a young age to develop life skills, such as focus and self-control, communication and critical thinking. Even at the earliest age, they are viewed as competent, curious, capable, natural learners who are full of potential.

Teachers and children have ongoing interaction in a space where the curriculum combines the children’s ideas, wonders and interests with the faculty’s professional knowledge of child development.

Learn more about our core elements of education, and the value we place on life skills and Jewish education.

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