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The JCC is known for its prestigious cultural programming including concerts, book & author events, and special events. This season is going to be great.

 ACE Presents: 

The Nazi Officer's Wife

The Nazi Officer's Wife is the story of a Jewish woman in 1930's Vienna, who with the help of friends, moved to Munich, hid her identity and married Nazi Party member, thus saving her life. In this fascinating story, Angela Schluter tells the story of her mother's life as the Nazi Officer's Wife and her own story of her upbringing as arguably the only Jew born in an Aryan hospital during the war. 

>Thursday Dec 3, 6:30 PM at the Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens 
  $10/Member; $15/ Guest (Includes dessert and coffee) 
  Registration Requested 

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ACE Presents: "Paradise in Peril"

Florida with its warm weather, sandy beaches and blue green water is often referred to as a "Paradise". In recent history however, "Paradise" has been in peril. During WWII, thousands of soldiers passed through, trained, or recuperated from wounds here. This program spotlights Palm Beach County and its residents, including the "Puddle Jumpers" of Lantana, men and women who risked their lives flying small, civilian land-based planes to hunt German U-boats off the Florida coast, and played an important role in the war effort.

Speaker: Richard A. Marconi, is the Curator of Education at the Palm Beach Historical Society. He is the author of the book, Palm Beach, Then and Now, a pictorial book which illustrates the shifts in Palm Beach's architectural landscape over the decades. He also coauthored the book Palm Beach for the images of America series.

> Tuesday, Dec 8, 7:00-8:30 PM
   $10/Member; $15/Guest

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Liga Terezin

This is the incredible story of the Terezin soccer league. From 1942 to 1944, Jewish prisoners played hundreds of soccer matches on improvised fields. Thousands of spectators watched a mixture of professional and amateur players as they all briefly escaped reality. In English, 52 minutes

Special appearance by Dr. Alan Berger, Raddock Family Eminent Scholar Chair in Holocaust Studies;Professor of Jewish Studies, FAU

>Tuesday, December 9, 7:00pm 
  $10/ Guest 

*This film is complimentary to all film society members at every level. Order your free seat on the ticketing order page with your code that is emailed to you. This offer is for Cinema Circle, Director and Actor Film Society levels. Join Dec 7 or 9 by check, credit card or cash and receive a complimentary ticket to this screening. Call 1-877-318-0071 to order tickets by phone.

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 The Inagural Chamber Music Event 

We are proud to present the Inaugural Chamber Music Event on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 7:00 p.m. featuring renowned violin and piano duo, Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin. Tomas Cotik, an award-winning Argentinian violinist, has performed with many internationally prominent conductors such as Michael Tilson Thomas, and Tao Lin, Shanghai native and accomplished pianist, has given recitals at the Kennedy Center, National Gallery and more. Come experience their shared passion and commitment to chamber music.

>Thursday, Dec 10 PM
   $15/Member; $20/Guest

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The Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Film Festival presents: A Night in Vienna
Live Performance by violinist Gareth Johnson precedes the film.

The dramatic story of Maria Altmann’s long struggle to recover her family’s Klimt paintings, stolen by the Nazis in 1938. The documentary inspired the Hollywood film Woman in Gold. "this detective tale brims with juicy plot points exposing how 20th-century crimes continue to create unsightly bulges under 21st-century rugs." In English, 90 minutes

 >Wednesday, January 6, 6:30pm 
   $30/Film Society Actor Level; $36/ Guest (includes 
Viennese dessert table catered by Starz Bakery & specialty coffees and hot chocolate from             Cappuccino Express)
   2016 Film Society Director & Cinema Circle Level and Film Partners are complimentary
  Seating is limited so please reserve now at 877-318-0071or
  A Night in Vienna Presenting Partner Clare and Richard Lesser

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ACE Presents: The Holocaust, The Church, and The Law of Unintended Consequences 

Anthony J. Sciolino cuts into the heart of why the Catholic Church and Christianity as a whole failed to stop the Holocaust. He demonstrates that Nazism’s racial anti-Semitism was rooted in Christian anti-Judaism, and suggests that Christian tradition and teaching, which systematically excluded Jews from “the circle of Christian concern”, led to the tragedy of the Holocaust. Even though thousands of Christians risked their lives to save Jews,
many more aided Hitler’s campaign with their silence or their participation.

From the origins of anti-Judaism, anti-Semitism, the controversial position of Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church’s current endeavors to hold itself accountable for their role, this special presentation offers a vital examination of one of history’s most disturbing issues.

Anthony J. Sciolino is a retired New York State Family Court Judge. He graduated from Columbia University and Cornell Law School. He also holds a master’s degree in theology from St. Bernard’s School of Theology & Ministry, and is an ordained Roman Catholic permanent deacon.

>Sunday, Jan. 10; 11:00-1:00pm
  $12/Member; $16/Guest; Brunch Included 

  Registration required by Jan. 4

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ACE Presents: Dr. Robert Watson on the Presidential Election 2016

With the race for the presidency about to move into high gear, Dr. Watson will look at the campaign cycle including key primaries and caucuses leading up to the national nominating conventions. The candidates and key issues will be examined, as well as lessons learned from some of the
more intriguing presidential elections in our history. It will be interesting to see if predictions made in January are realized in November 2016.

Speaker: Dr. Robert P. Watson is a professor of American Studies at Lynn University and Senior Fellow at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship. He has co-convened national conferences on the presidency, and serves on the boards of several scholarly journals, presidential foundations, and
community and professional associations. As a frequent media commentator, he has given interviews to local, national, and international print, radio, and television outlets, including CNN, BBC, USA Today, and others.

>Thursday, Jan. 14; 7:00-8:30pm
  $10/Member; $15/Guest 

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The SS Normandie: The Tragic Story of the Greatest Liner Ever Built 

The JCC’S “Distinguished Speaker Series" presents Richard Rene Silvin- author, historian and former CEO. Join us as he explains why he considers the Normandie the ultimate liner ever built, using pictures the spectacular interiors and rarely seen glimpses of life aboard the short-lived floating palace. The glamorous story will lead up to the ship’s premature and heartbreaking end. Her brief, four year working life was tragically aborted in 1942 by a perfect storm of accidents while she was being converted into a troop ship.

>Sunday, February 14th, 11:00 AM
  $10/Member; $15/Guest (includes light brunch)

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What Does It Mean to Be Pro- Israel? 

J Street, a liberal advocacy organization, presents itself to be pro- Israel and pro- peace. Its message that Israel must do more to achieve peace has created a great deal of controversy. The J Street Challenge is a critical look at the group. Watch the movie and join us for a post screening discussion with local pro-Israel advocates. 

>Sunday, March 6, 11:00 AM -1:00 PM 
   $10/Member; $15/ Guest (Includes brunch) 
   Registration Requested

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor: Demonized & Defied 

The JCC’S “Distinguished Speaker Series" presents Richard Rene Silvin- author, historian and former CEO. Join us as he talks about the fascinating lives of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. This includes details of their love affair which caused the young, handsome King of England to abdicate the throne and, in his words, “marry the woman I love.” Given that René was the widowed Duchess’ escort in Paris during the 1970’s, he will reveal details about the many scurrilous rumors, which circulated about the Duchess.

>Tuesday, March 22, 6:30 PM: (dessert reception included)
  $10/Member; $15/Guest

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The Life and Work of Society Architect Addison Mizner 

The JCC’S “Distinguished Speaker Series" presents Richard Rene Silvin- author, historian and former CEO. Join us as he presents “The Life and Work of Addison Mizner”, the flamboyant, socialite architect of the roaring 1920s who created the Palm Beach look, known as Mediterranean Revival, which has evolved into a style emulated all over South Florida. After Mizner’s success in Palm Beach, he created the model-city of Boca Raton in 1925 in the Venetian style. Sadly the Mizner Development Corporation went bankrupt, and he died bankrupt several years later.

>Sunday, April 10, 11:00 (light brunch included) 
   $10/Member; $15/Guest

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