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ACE PRESENTS: FDR and the Jews: A New Perspective

Was President Franklin Roosevelt a friend of the Jews? Since WWII, the Roosevelt administration’s policy in regard to the Nazi death camps has been questioned. Did it do or attempt to do anything? Could it have done more? Historian Laurence Stern did extensive research on President Roosevelt, the Jewish leadership and the military. In the process, he uncovered new information on microfilm and diaries that has been accepted as “important Holocaust era documents” by the archives division at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. What was discovered gives a new perspective on FDR. Mr. Stern will point out what can be learned and why it is relevant today. This presentation is not a criticism or a defense of Roosevelt’s policies. It lays out historical facts and encourages you to form your own conclusions. Laurence Stern has had a love of history since childhood. He turned this into a second career by doing original research, specifically on the Roosevelt and Truman presidencies. He has lectured on his findings to various adult education groups and charitable and religious organizations.

Tuesday, February 21 | 6:30-8:00 pm
$12 Member ● $17 Guest

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Let’s Make-Up: A One Act Presentation

From a squalid neighborhood in Brooklyn to Palm Beach, Paris, London, and the society of Europe, Estee Lauder used determination, perseverance, creativity, opportunity and a “gimmick” to build the largest family-owned cosmetic
business. With Youth Dew, White Rain, Clinique, male fragrances such as Aramis and numerous other products she surpassed her competition and convinced shoppers that the proper creams, lotions and oils “can make beauty a reality.”

Thursday, February 23 | 7:00-8:00 pm
$12 Member ● $17 Guest

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Ponzi & Picasso

No stranger to the world of art, in her first novel, From Ponzi to Picasso, Rochelle Ohrstrom looks at how a financial crisis  impacts the establishment and gives an insider’s view of the murky side of the contemporary art world. Is the art the public buys made popular through marketing ploys, or is it truly a work of art? Caveat Emptor! Rochelle Ohrstrom has participated in the art world as a painter, collector, and patron. Her work has been collected by the Vassar and Syracuse museums, and she was a guest artist of the government of the Dominican Republic. As a collector and board member of museum committees, she has spent time at the cutting-edge of art from Beijing to Tehran and Dubai. Multi-talented, she has produced several television shows, directed several commercials, and was CEO of a nationally recognized company.

Sunday, February 26 | 11:00 am-1:00 pm
$15 Member ● $18 Guest (Brunch included)
Registration is Required by February 21

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Family Lego Event

Come build Jerusalem Using 70,000 LEGO blocks. Partnering with Building Blocks Workshops, this high energy and fast-paced program will design a 400 square foot model of the entire old city of Jerusalem including the walls, gates, the kotel, the beit hamikdosh, David’s Tower, the Montifiore Windmill and 80 buildings within the walls. Friends, parents, grandparents and kids, we need your help! So come together and build together! 

Saturday, February 25 | 3:00-5:00pm 
$36 Per Family 
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