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Join us in the Bente S. and Daniel M. Lyons Art Gallery for the opening night of each art exhibit. For more information call 561-712-5232.


 Proudly sponsored by Barbara and Hal

Adrienne Walker

Adrienne Walker has been passionate about art her entire life. Using oils, watercolor and acrylics or stone, she creates works in many mediums. Her art is created with passion from within, allowing brushstrokes to invite the viewer into her expressionist paintings.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 1 | 5:30-7:30 pm
Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, November 1-Friday, November 25
Free & open to the community 

Judith & Jack Rosenberg

Judith and Jack Rosenberg are an immensely talented couple who capture life through unique and beautiful images. For Judith, creating art is a physical pleasure. The engines of her inspiration are painting, architecture, photography, and nature and styles of fashion in our world and past eras. With the skillful use of paints, inks, computer and photographs on fine metallic papers, she creates works of art that unite acrylic painting and fine photography.

Jack’s passion for photography allows him to capture the true essence of his images of the world around us in a new and exciting
manner. Every photograph tells a unique story that evokes thought and pleasure in the viewer’s mind. His fundamental belief is that everything in our physical surroundings can become a subject of a meaningful photograph that he can share with his audience.

Opening Reception: Monday, December 5 | 7:00-9:00 pm
Exhibition Dates: Monday, December 5- Friday, December 30

Free & open to the community 


Stately Sale: The JCC's "Stately Sale" features generous donations from the homes of people in our community (china, crystal, antiques, artwork, etc). 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Mandel JCC 

Whitespace: The Mordes Collection: Showcases international jewelry artists who create unique pieces using repurposed and recycled materials to sculpt body jewelry. 25% of the proceeds will benefit the Mandel JCC. 

Bonnie's Loft: A very unique handbag company that specializes in fine leather accessories and designer handbags. 25% of the proceeds will benefit the Mandel JCC 

Monday, December 12 & Tuesday December 13 | 11:00am-5:00 pm
 Free & open to the community  

 Joan Brams, “A Retrospective”

Joan has been residing and making art in the Palm Beaches for over 50 years. Creating her own genre has been a gratifying and very exciting experience. Joan’s oeuvre consists of multi-layered works in painting, ceramics, bronze and aluminum sculptures
and more recently, one of a kind necklaces. Her work is in many private and public collections and five of her sculptures are on permanent display at the Palm Beach International Airport. 

Opening Reception:
Tuesday, January 17 | 5:30-7:30 pm
Exhibition Dates:
Tuesday, January 17 - Friday, February 10

Jerry Gotkin, “Opal”

The Gotkin Art Studio was opened in Manhattan’s Upper West 
Side in 1963. In 2007, the Smithsonian Institution American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery Libraries in Washington, D.C. established a catalogue: “Marjorie and Jerry Gotkin Collection 1965-2007” that includes reproductions of their works, exhibitions, reviews, contracts and biographies. This talented individual has designed art for Off-Broadway productions, Bank of America, Copeland Davis (jazz pianist) and many more. Most recently, several works from his Morikami series have been installed at the Vitas Community Life Center in Delray Beach.

Opening Reception:

Tuesday, February 14 | 5:30-7:30 pm
Exhibition Dates:
Tuesday, February 14 - Friday, March 31

Ellen Altman, “Dancing Color”

Ellen always has had a deep interest in art. In love with the  looseness and fluidity of watercolors, she took lessons from an international, award winning watercolor teacher, and mastered the art of negative painting in watercolor to create shapes — flowers, buildings, rocks, trees, and many other things. Ellen creates masterful paintings that hang in the homes of several patrons. Her painting reflects life and all we cherish and hold dear. There is something for everyone in her art!

Opening Reception:

Tuesday, April 4 | 5:30-7:30 pm
Exhibition Dates:
Tuesday, April 4 - Friday, May 12



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