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The JCC is known for its prestigious cultural programming including concerts, book & author events, and special events. This season is going to be great.

Live from New York's 92nd Street Y
Live from New York’s 92nd Street Y, featuring notable speakers participating in panel discussions or interviews on cultural and educational topics. Broadcasts are now available at the Mandel JCC in addition to those at BallenIsles. Tickets are $15 per person.  For additional information call 561-712-5200. Friends of the J receive 15% discount on JCC programs.  

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Ruth Reichl
Ruth Reichl has been a restaurant critic for The New York Times, the editor of Gourmet magazine, a bestselling author (her charming memoir, Tender to the Bonr, is a must for anyone remotely interested in food. Join her as she talks about a meaningful person , place and thing in her life – as well as her first novel, Delicious!

> Tuesday, May 6; 8:15 pm; Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens 

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Elie Wiesel
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Elie Wiesel, founder of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity and Nobel Laureate, at 92Y.

> Thursday, May 22; 8:00 pm; Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens 

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International Performing Arts Broadcast Series
Join us for the Mandel JCC’s inaugural International Performing Arts Broadcast Series. The Broadcast Series will feature dance, theater, and orchestral performances of international companies, captured live from the great cities of the world as well as some great American treasures. For additional information contact Sharon at 561-712-5232 or

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This broadcast provides the corps de ballet fan away from the viewer and the prima ballerinas dance with stunning realism, giving cinema audiences worldwide a ‘best seat in the house’ experience wherever they happen to sit. Giselle is the story of a simple village girl who falls deeply in love with a dashing prince disguised as a peasant. The idyllic pastoral scene is shattered by an act of betrayal and the ensuing heartbreak. In the ballet blanc second act, Giselle haunts the stage with her host of vengeful spirits, but ultimately the strength of her love transcends even death and bestows forgiveness upon her repentant lover. Giselle was captured in the historic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Peterburg. Starring: Natalia Osipova and Leonid Sarafanov.

> Sunday, April 20; 4:00pm
   $18 (15% off for Friends of the J)

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