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Spring 2014
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Men Let’s Talk
Instructor: Ron Browne
Men - Our work is winding down or changing and our children have moved on. Our thoughts now center on the options associated with growing older. We think more about our health, our relationships, and our resources. All of a sudden our world looks different. Transitions challenge us. At the very least, they impact our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. They reveal where we are stuck and where we need to grow. Grappling with transitions becomes the “inner work” of life and it has been said that women do it better than we do. True or not inner work pays dividends if we’re willing to take the risk and make the effort. This four week men’s discussion group is a time to talk, to listen, and to share stories and experiences in a safe, no obligation environment. It’s a time to dig a little deeper into who we are and what we have in common. It’s a time to learn, and a time to continue to grow as we look at the years ahead.

Ron Browne is a seasoned group leader, teacher and speaker  in the areas of lifelong learning, creativity, wellness and spirituality. He has been active for many years in promoting meaningful personal change and his experience leading men’s discussion groups has opened new possibilities for men in the second half of life. Ron is the former director for the Cleveland Foundation funded lifelong learning project What’s Next!, and former Vice President of Smart Living for Judson at University Circle.
> Tuesdays, April 22, 29; 2:00-3:30 pm

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