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Nova Southeastern University Lecture Series at the JCC 

Resilience: A Key to Successful Aging 

We all grow old, and thanks to modern medicine and technology people are living longer. Some don’t handle the aging process well; while others do and age successfully. Researchers believe those who handle aging well have resilience. Is resilience the key?

Instructor Jacquelyn Browne, PhD, LCSW
directs the Master of Arts in Gerontology and Certificate programs at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida. Dr. Browne is the recipient of several university and community grants to explore the experience 
of aging and potential in the second half of life. Dr. Browne holds degrees from Barnard College, New York University and The Union Institute and University. Dr. Browne maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Palm Beach Gardens, specializing in working with older adults.

Thursday; December 8 | 4:30-5:30 pm
Free & open to the community 

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