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Spring 2014
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H3 A Balkan Journey – 1980 to the Present: Dubrovnik to Oswego to Sarajevo
Instructor: Don Lapinsohn
In 1980, the presenter was a lecturer at a Fulbright sponsored Dubrovnik conference on American and Yugoslavian multiculturalism. The return conference in Albany, N.Y. a year later was almost a blowout – literally. And, through the years to the current day, the presenter has encountered personally and professionally the multicultural spirit of the Balkan peoples – Muslims, Jews, Catholics and Orthodox - in an uncanny spiritually that transcends coincidence. In telling, through words and photos, you will learn about: 

• The only Jews allowed into the U.S. during WWII, settled into Oswego, N.Y, barbed wired Army Camp and threatened to be expelled after the war.

• Sarajevo, the “Jerusalem of Europe” which for centuries was a sanctuary for Jews from Northern Europe and Spain. 

• The oldest Sephardic Haggadahs in the world, originating in Barcelona around 1350. The Sarajevo Haggadah has survived many close calls with destruction. Historians believe that it was taken out of Spain by Spanish Jews who were expelled by the Alhambra Decree in 1492.

• The modern Balkans, countries of the former Yugoslavia and how they have become the world’s best kept travel hot spot to visit, sail and learn about Europe’s most multicultural communities.

Robert Maurer is President and founder of the American Corporation for Education and Training (ACET), former President and CEO of the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation and COO of the NYS Board of Regents/Department of Education. He has hosted and facilitated many television shows, conference workshops and forums. Other facilitators will be added based on topics and availability.
> Tuesday, April 22; 12:00-1:30 pm

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H4 Comparing China to Other Ancient Civilizations: Why did China’s Survive When the Others Didn’t?
Instructor: Lisa April Smith
Five hundred years ago China led the world in population, power and technology. Prior to that date, approximately 20 dynasties had seized control. Despite the dramatic shifts in leadership, more than half a century earlier than Columbus set out for India, a Chinese admiral, with a fleet of 62 ships, carrying 38,000 armed men, had sailed to India, Vietnam, Java, Malacca, Sri Lanka and much of the African coast. What innovations, inventions and natural resources led China to that point? How did it compare to ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome at their respective zeniths? After those empires collapsed the precious knowledge to recreate their prior technological triumphs was lost. What allowed China to continue its advance? This class will endeavor to answer those questions.

Lisa April Smith’s fascination with the ancient civilization of China led her to write her fourth novel, Forgotten Tales of China. Ms. Smith did extensive research on the topic in order to bring the characters and settings in the stories to life. Using her background, which included degrees in anthology/sociology and also in computer science, Lisa brings an understanding to the development of Chinese civilization, and a look at a prehistoric world that has seldom been viewed.
> Thursday, May 8, 15; 2:00-3:30 pm

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