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TED Talks
TED Talks began as a simple attempt to share what happens at the Technology Entertainment Design Conference with the world. Under the slogan “ideas worth spreading,” talks were released online beginning in June 2006. They rapidly attracted a global audience in the millions. TED topics include technology, entertainment, design, business, science, and global issues. This course will provide you with a viewing of videos of the most watched TED Talks. Class time will offer the opportunity for discussion of the topic with a facilitator.

Aug. 27 – Larry Lessing – Laws that Choke Creativity
Sept.17 – Gail Parminter – Gender and Advertising
Oct. 22 – Ben Godacre – Battling Bad Science

Facilitator: Robert Maurer is President and founder of the American Corporation for Education and Training (ACET), former President and CEO of the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation and COO of the NYS Board of Regents/Department of Education. He has led curriculum, accreditation and internet-based student career and higher education counseling projects in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, and as a Fulbright in 1980, in the former Yugoslavia.

> Wednesday; Oct 22; 1:00-2:30 pm
   3-week session: Free/Member; $36/Guest; $15/Class

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Men Let’s Talk
This four week men’s discussion group is a time to talk, to listen, and to share stories and experiences in a safe, no obligation environment. It’s a time to dig a little deeper into who we are and what we have in common. It’s a time to learn, and a time to continue to grow as we look at the years ahead.

Facilitator: Ron Browne is a seasoned group leader, teacher and speaker in the areas of lifelong learning, creativity, wellness and spirituality. He has been active for many years in promoting meaningful personal change and his experience leading men’s discussion groups has opened new possibilities for men in the second half of life. Ron is the former director for the Cleveland Foundation funded lifelong learning project What’s Next!, and former Vice President of Smart Living for Judson at University Circle.

> Wednesdays; Nov 5-26; 2:00-3:15 pm
   4-week session: Free/Member; $48/Guest; $15/Class

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Genealogy Workshop for Beginners
Genealogy is an exciting way to connect with family members, and to ensure that traditions are passed down despite the Americanization of our heritage. This workshop will include lectures on how to organize and format your information, and will emphasize using the internet for census, vital records, and manifests. Participants should feel comfortable browsing the internet and downloading files. Please come prepared with information about one immigrant branch to pursue during the workshop.

Instructor: Phyllis Kramer is a practicing genealogist, with primary interest in Eastern European Jewish research. She is Vice President of Education for, and has taught genealogy to over 2500 students both online and in person at Genealogy Societies (Palm Beach, New York, Long Island, Miami, Washington, D.C.) and colleges (FAU, Norwalk). She is an active board member of the Pam Beach County Jewish Genealogy Society.

> Mondays; Nov 10-Dec 8; 4:30-6:00 pm
   5-week session: Free/Member; $60/Guest; $15/Class

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Nova Southeastern University Lecture Series
These lectures are fee and open to the community.  Please call 561-712-5253 to reserve your seat.

Men are from Mars; Women from Venus
It seems the whole world is in conflict. Can it be resolved before it escalates? If we can resolve our personal relationship problems, how can we cope with global problems. Let’s start small, in our own backyard and see if we can develop some conflict resolution skills that will work for us.

Speaker: Armen Gregorian is an active member of the American Red Cross International Services and an Instructor in International Humanitarian Law. For years, he has been in the frontline of armed conflict and provided humanitarian aid in the war torn countries. He has traveled extensively throughout the continental United States and Europe to facilitate many workshops in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

> Wednesday; Oct 29; 4:30-6:00 pm

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We Didn’t See the Signs
There is a strong link between bullying and suicide, as suggested by recent bullying-related suicides in the US and other countries. This lecture addresses the topic that is more and more in the news. We hear the parents and grandparents of a child who has committed suicide say, “We didn’t know something was wrong.” Not only they, but friends and teachers may not have recognized the signs. In his presentation, Dr. Poland will discuss those signs and how to help a child that is a victim of bullying before it becomes “bullycide”.

Speaker: Scott Poland, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized expert on school crisis, youth violence, suicide intervention, self-injury, school safety, threat assessment, parenting and the delivery of psychological services in schools. He has lectured and written extensively on these subjects, appeared on all major television network news programs, and has presented over 1,000 workshops in every state and numerous foreign countries. He served on the President’s Roundtable on Youth Violence and has testified about the needs of children before the U. S. Congress on four occasions.

> Tuesday; Nov 18; 7:00-8:30 pm

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Seventy is the New Fifty
With the advances in medicine, people are living longer. Yet age is a matter of attitude. Those that view themselves as old tend to be. Perhaps you can’t do the things that you did when you were thirty, but there are other things you can do and do better than you did before. You may not be able to play singles on the tennis court, but your doubles game is great.

Speaker: Jacquelyn Browne, PhD, LCSW is Program Professor of Gerontology Initiatives at Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler School of Education and Human Services in South Florida. Dr. Browne is the recipient of several university and community grants to explore experience and potential in the second half of life. Dr. Browne holds degrees from Barnard College, New York University and The Union Institute and University. In addition to her academic work, Dr. Browne maintains a private psychotherapy practice, specializing in working with older adults.

> Thursday; Dec 18; 4:30-6:00 pm

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