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Edward & Thelma Glantz
Early Childhood Learning Center >>>

A child’s early school years are extremely important. These are the formative years during which the foundation for a lifetime of learning begins…a lifetime of emotional, social, physical and academic growth. Since its founding, the Early Childhood Learning Center at the MandelJCC has maintained a loving and warm atmosphere where every aspect of your child is developed.

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Pre-K Enrichment Classes >>>

To discover and develop your child’s interests and passions early—and provide exciting alternatives to watching TV, the JCC offers a dazzling array of classes, clinics, programs and sports leagues for children ages 3 through 5. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they adapt to Dora’s Spanish or Math Mania class, or our soccer and basketball clinics.

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Mommy/Daddy and Me >>>

Moms, Dads and Grandparents are welcome! Create a special experience, while your child learns to participate in a group setting with Early Childhood experts.

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