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Spring 2017

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Social, Political & Historical Issues at the JCC

Senior Insights Panel 

A moderated discussion is presented with guest speakers on issues relating to active adults, senior subjects and local concerns in our community.

Monday, May 15 | 12:30pm
Instructor: Jewel Littenberg 
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Sizzling Topics in the News 

Tonight be a more interesting person with friends and family!  Discussions range from International, National, Human Interest, Culture, Trends and other issues. Current events, topics of interest, opinions or debate are your choice in this present-day happenings series.

Monday, May 15, 22 | 2:00pm
Instructor: Sharon Segal 
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Let’s Talk: What’s Happening in the World Now? 

Do you have concerns, queries and confusions regarding the news, the world or current events? This class will create a viable forum for these questions to be discussed, analyzed and give you the opportunity to vent frustrations.

Tuesdays,  May 16, 23, 30 | 12:30pm
Instructor: George Feirstein 
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

The World Turned Upside Down

This  weekly series continues with an emphasis on discussions on how to fix the world since its state of being is questionable. The topics are chosen by class participants. Bring your ire, your concern, your disbeliefs and perhaps the class can solve a few of the challenges we all face.

Wednesday,  May 17, 24 | 2:00pm
Dave Schoenfeld
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Excerpts from World History

The series features a process where recapturing the events in world history has shaped the events of today. Classes will detail historical events, their causes and protagonists and how they impacted world history then and affect it today.

Thursday, May 18, 25 | 2:00pm
Instructor: Jerry Oltchick
Free Member ● $15 Guest 




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