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Fall 2017

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Personal Growth & Financial Security on JCC

Men, Let's Talk 

ACE’s ongoing popular discussion group returns. Men, ourwork is winding down or changing and our children havemoved on. Our thoughts now center on the options associatedwith growing older. We think more about our health, ourrelationships and our resources. All of a sudden our worldlooks different. This men’s discussion group is a time to talk,to listen and to share stories and experiences in a safe, noobligation environment. It’s a time to dig a little deeper intowho we are, and what we have in common. It’s a time to learn and continue to grow as we look at the years ahead.

Instructor: Dr. Michael Pisick | Tuesdays, January 16, 23, 30 February 6, 13 20, 27 March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 3 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Joy of Petting: The Healing Power of the Animal World

From the warm lick of a loving dog to the venom of a poisonous snake, many species are contributing to the well-being of humankind. In her newest research, Joyce will be reporting on the latest developments on healing and as always seasoning her research with a little humor.

Instructor: Joyce Saltman | Tuesday, January 16 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

In Search of a Silver Lining 

Doesn’t it feel like there is always something? Whether itsdisappointments, health problems or difficult people, thispresentation will cover traits common to people who saythat they are happy. Through discussions and experimentalexercises, participants will explore effective communication,expectations of gratitude, reframing and mindfulness in orderto accept, let go and move on, therefore, turning life’s lemonsinto lemonade.

Instructor: Channe Fodeman, CSW | Thursday, January 18 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Women Remorse, Men Replace

This series is an introduction to the examination of the financial, emotional, social and sexual aspects of being widowed. The instructor has personally been there and done that. With diverse topics ranging from the legal and financial aspects of being alone to the social and bedroom environment, this class is informational and offers the opportunity to share lifetime experiences to assist others.

Instructor: Joel Lerner | Thursdays, January 18, 25, February 1 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Cholocate for Breakfast Diet 

A tongue-in-cheek treatise on the therapeutic benefits of chocolate from the world’s biggest lover of chocolate. Joyce combines actual medical research with humorous insight on America’s favorite food. Laughs and yummies galore are sure to prevail.

Instructor: Joyce Saltman | Tuesday, January 23 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Chariots of the Mind: Introduction to "ESP"

This lecture will explore aspects of psychology, psychic experience, occultism and divergent theories of spirituality & ESP. Each topic is approached through a discussion of ways in which these affect formation of personal thought from historical, scientific and varying self-realizing perspectives including meditation. This visually enhanced class will also give attention to origins of occultism and its validation by scientific legitimacy. Most importantly, metaphysical insight will be appraised as a potential tool for individual self-development.

Instructor: Kenneth Green | Wednesday, January 24 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Best Estate Plan for You 

This one-time class covers the latest innovations and laws in wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning tools. Best selling author and Board Certified Elder Care Attorney, Scott Solkoff will take your questions on how to create or amend your estate planning documents to gain major financial and quality-of-life advantages for you and your family. This is all while avoiding probate, remaining independent and making things easier for your family. In addition, the latest changes in the laws and rules will be discussed.

Instructor: Scott Solkoff | Wednesday, January 24 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Let's Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking 

Feeling some nervousness before giving a talk is both natural and beneficial. However, too much nervousness can be detrimental. This course is dedicated to helping you increase your confidence in public speaking. It is designed as a hands on class that will help you overcome your lack of confidence when speaking to other people either in an individual or group setting.

Instructor: Deborah Klapper | Wednesday, January 24, 31 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Do You Know A Potential Hoarder? 

The truth about hoarding and the emotional factors causing this condition are analyzed by a Transitional Counselor. From actual cases with photographs,the different kinds of hoarding will be presented and strategies for intervention will be offered. The presentation will also include a checklist of pre-hoarding behavior that will assist in identifying the warning signs. Participants will be encouraged to address their concerns and experiences in this lively session.

Instructor: Ann Meyerson | Thursday, January 25 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Secret to Happiness

Sharing many stories from the book From FL To NY, which is powerfully written, outlines several important factors needed for life including: the skill of being calm in tough situations, the power of asking, taking challenges and turning them into strengths, how questions and actions lead to amazing results, the benefits of “a never give up, never surrender attitude,” and more! This fun and interactive session will leave you with a new sense of the value of laughter.

Instructor: Edward Rodriguez | Monday, February 5 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Magic of Resilience 

This session, inspired by Joyce’s recent experience with her husband’s sudden stroke will include insights, anecdotes and some good practical advice on dealing with those parts of life that we never would have chosen. In addition to her own experiences, Joyce will be drawing on her current research dealing with emotional and physical resilience, as well as dozens of anecdotes shared by her many uplifting friends, particularly those in their 90s and 100s! This session promises to be informative and filled with unexpected mirth!

Instructor: Joyce Saltman | Tuesday, February 6 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Investing and Financial Planning 101 

We will demystify the often cloudy and confusing world of investing and finance. This informative series is clear, concise and easy for attendees to digest. It educates the attendee on the different types of investments, how they can work together, goals-based planning, how to navigate the current low interest environment and what to do in times of market volatility.

Instructor: Mark Agnelli | Tuesdays, February 6, 13, 20, 27 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest


What makes us happy? New clothing or other material goods? Travel? Relationships with family and friends? The video “Happy” will explore happiness with folks around the world and how we relate to others and make judgements based on our own sources of happiness. Discussion will include the audience’s personal insights on happiness.

Instructor: Arthur Feingold | Wednesday, February 7 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Building A Good Foundation For Your Health 

Our body’s health is the most precious treasure we will ever own. It allows us to live, breathe, think, dream and accomplish the life we have envisioned. In our busy lives we often forget how our daily choices impact our body’s foundations. Each choice we make can either strengthen or deteriorate the foundation in which our health is built upon. We can increase our healthy choices to create stronger walls equipped with a strong lock that will keep out the thieves of stress and illness. You will learn about the guidelines and tips on nutrition, stress management and sleep.

Instructor: Dr. Geni Abraham M.D. | Tuesday, February 13 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Protecting Your Assets Against the Cost of Long Term Care

The cost of long-term care insurance is the number one threat to your life savings. This one-time class teaches the latest legal strategies on how to protect your life savings against the cost of home care, assisted living and nursing home care. Staying at home and out of nursing homes costs money (more than $8000/month). Many folks do not have insurance to cover these costs, and those who do, often do not have enough or do not know how to use it. This class teaches how to qualify for Medicaid and V.A. in order to pay for even the best of care, without giving away your assets. This class is from a lawyer’s persepective, not a salesperson.

Instructor: Scott Solkoff | Wednesday, February 21 | 12:00 pm | Wednesday, March 21 | 12:00 pm (repeated)
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Taking Control of Your Retirement/ Market Outlook 2018

We will take a look at the market “Year in Review” and also look at the outlook for the near future. More specifically, we will discuss ways to make the most of retirement assets, estate planning and share research as to how one may take control of their financial health.

Instructor: David Friedlander | Thursday, March 1, 8 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Quality of Life Vs. Values of Life 

What is the difference between quality of life and value of life? We will try to gain insight and inspiration and perhaps a new perspective on suffering. We will also touch on practical applications for all of us such as a living will and healthcare proxy.

Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Monday, March 5 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest


Genealogy is studying us. Who were the ancestors that provided the DNA that makes us who we are? Where did the values and memories originate that helped shape our lives? What is our personal history and that of our ancestors? How much of who we are can be discovered in those who came before us? Join us and learn about the past part of your lives.

Instructor: Richard “Dick” Goldman | Thursday, March 8, 15, 22, 29 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest




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