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Men, Let's Talk 

ACE’s ongoing popular discussion group returns. Men, our work is winding down, or changing and our children have moved on. Our thoughts now center on the options associated with growing older. We think more about our health, our relationships, and our resources. All of a sudden, our world looks different. This men’s discussion group is a time to talk, to listen, and to share stories and experiences in a safe, no obligation environment. It’s a time to dig a little deeper into who we are, and what we have in common. It’s a time to learn and continue to grow as we look at the years ahead. Instructor: Ron Browne

Tuesdays, November 22, 29,
December 6, 13, 20 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Age In Place... Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 

Today’s financial landscape for seniors is filled with lots of uncertainty. Adding to the uncertainty is the multitude of health issues that may affect your personal and financial issues. Surveys show the main concerns for seniors are running out of money and the financial means to remain in their home and age in place. Rising costs of assisted living communities forces many to reconsider this option. How do you manage to stay in your home, pay the bills, maintain your health and do it all independently? This seminar is designed to answer your concerns and questions. Instructors: Carol Fischetti & Marina Ramirez

Tuesday, November 29 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

What Keeps You Up at Night? 

Most of us know that people are living longer. One consequence of living a long time is that a number of senior individuals experience a physical or mental health decline as they approach their later years, thus making it difficult to handle their finances. Learn the legal aspects, strategies and steps toward creating a smooth transition within the family structure. Instructors: Steven Brill, CPF with Special Guest Scott Solkoff, ESQ

Tuesday, November 29 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Jazz Jennings, A Transgender Prodigy... Her Story Through The Eyes of Her Grandparents 

Grandparents of Jazz Jennings share their observations from the day Jazz was born as their adorable grandson to the present time, where she is now recognized, at age 15 as a leading advocate for LGBT equality, and the co-founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. Their presentation is centered on the premise that gender identity disorder, now known as gender dysphoria, is something that a child cannot control. Ultimately society must be educated and changed ... not the child. Their goal here today is to educate the audience to better understand one of nature’s cruelest practical jokes, gender dysphoria. Instructors: Dr. & Mrs. Jack Barie

Thursday, December 1 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

"W2W" Women to Women, Let's Talk About Us

Join us for lively discussions where extraordinary women share wisdom and humor. Our purpose is to build relationships, promote dialogue and inspire women. Discussion topics are democratically selected. All are welcome to suggest and partake. This is a new addition to the ACE program. Moderator: Anita Ross

Thursdays, December 1, 8, 15, 22 | 12:30 pm
Free Member  ● $15 Guest 

Science and Technology Changes, Oh My! 

The changes over the decades have been tremendous. The class will focus on what’s different in the kitchen, baby’s room, cooking, schools, music, holiday celebrations and just about everything else in our lives. A fun time to reminisce and take note of all we have lived through! Instructor: Jim Hansen

Tuesday, December 6 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Financial Workshop

This is a three-week series designed to place you on the right track for financial safety and security. Topics to be covered: Cybersecurity (10 Threats every person faces and how to fight them), Surviving Market Swings (debt crises, political uncertainties, economic conditions, what should you do?), Financial Strategies for Women (taking control and getting your financial house in order). Instructor: Debra Targett

Tuesdays, December 6, 13, 20 | 2:00 pm

Stop Stressing and Learn to Meditate 

This series is designed to demonstrate and explore the various methods of meditation techniques to eliminate and negate stress from your life. After discussion, practice and evaluation, you can choose the best method for you.
Instructor: Angela Margolis 

Thursdays, December 8, 15, 22 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Do You Remember? 

This interactive two-part discussion deals with our memories in the past and the near term. The factors that affect how you wish to be remembered, the importance of your goals and what you overcame to achieve them and the prominent dates worth remembering in your life are discussed. Think back and uncover your special memories. Instructor: Joanne Mindes

Mondays, December 12, 19 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Look Out! It's Another Senior Scam 

In this class we examine and delve into the top ten senior scams that truly target our area. Everyone knows about that “grandson kidnapped in Mexico” trick, but they don’t know about how con-artists can get your personal information, and enter into your home. Stay ahead of the scammers and learn to be informed and safe. Instructor: Jim Hansen

Tuesday, December 13 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

My Sister Thinks She Wants To Buy My Mom's House

Within the humorous format of anecdotal stories from a professional, you will discover some unusual and often comical situations that occur in family dynamics when exchanging property and estate value. Often the issue is not monetary but rather emotional. Even though wishes were shared in advance, changing subtle things will make deals more difficult to complete. Instructor: Ann Meyerson

Monday, December 19 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Men, Let’s Talk

Men, our work is winding down or changing. Our children have moved on. Our thoughts now center on the options associated with growing older. We think more about our health, our relationships, and our resources. All of a sudden, our world looks different. This men’s discussion group is a time to talk, to listen and to share stories and experiences in a safe, no obligation environment. It’s a time to dig a little deeper into who we are, and continue to grow as we look at the years ahead. Instructor: Ron Browne

Tuesdays, January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

How to Improve Your Short Term Memory

If you’ve ever found yourself forgetting where you left your keys or blanking out information on important tasks then you have probably wished that your memory was a bit better. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to help improve your memory. This class designed to teach you the tricks to successfully improve memory skills. Instructor: Deborah Klapper

Tuesdays, January 17, 24 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Best Estate Plan For You

This one-time class covers the latest innovations and laws in wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning tools. Best selling author and Board Certified Elder Care Attorney, Scott Solkoff will take your questions on how to create or amend your estate planning documents to gain major financial and quality-of-life advantages for you and your family. This is all while avoiding probate, remaining independent and making things easier for your family. In addition, the latest changes in the laws and rules will be discussed. Instructor: Scott Solkoff

Wednesday, January 18 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Do You Think You Can Role Play? And More!

This is a creative and stimulating journey through the magic of humorous improvisation. We will identify our values through role playing, conflict resolution, group dynamics and logical solutions. This is a vibrant and exciting interactive class. Participation is encouraged. Class may be limited to 20 participants. Instructor: Marshall Cohen

Wednesdays, January 18, 25, February 1, 8, 15 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest


Challenging mental activities designed with fun in mind. Engage your brain with novel exercises to stimulate and delight in the short term and produce long term results. Give yourself a quick brain break. Forget “senior moments” when you remember to take a “mental minute” to exercise your mind with a fun activity. Instructor: Judy Herman

Wednesday, January 18 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Home Equity Mortgage Conversions: Tax Free Solutions

The instruction is designed to understand the basics of the Federal program. It will show a strategic use of home equity in retirement-income plans and how a home equity can be turned into cash. We’ll discuss how the homeowner can receive funds as a lump sum, monthly payment or line of credit or, how a homeowner may gain a guaranteed access to funds in excess of the value of their home. Instructor: Marty Sidman

Tuesdays, January 24, 31, February 7 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Retiring Comfortably

This series is designed to help direct you through your financial needs of retirement. We will cover areas including: Health & Retirement, Making the Most of Your Retirement Assets and IRA Distributions, Wealth Transfer Planning and Creating a Legacy with Impact. Instructor: David Friedlander

Wednesdays, January 25, February 1 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Relationships: The God, The Bad, and the Ugly

Forty years of research differentiating between the “Masters” and the “Disasters” of marriage will be summarized. Specific, often counter intuitive suggestions of how to improve relationships, not only with spouses but also with relatives and friends, will be presented often with humor but with serious intent. Instructor: Dr. Bert Diament

Thursday, February 2 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Identity Theft: How Do I Protect Myself?

The presentation will cover most aspects of identity theft, from mailings to internet and email scams. You will learn how to protect yourself and who to call if you are a victim. Credit cards and debit cards also will be covered. Actual cases will be presented. Instructor: Jay Siegel

Tuesday, February 7, 14 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Ask the Attorney

Here’s your opportunity to learn the role, legal aspects and training of an attorney. Various situations and non-specific behind the scenes background will be shared. Bring your questions of a general nature. (No personal situations will be discussed in public). Instructor: Elissa Vessal

Thursday, February 9 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Protecting Your Assets Against The Cost of Longer Term Care Insurance

The cost of long-term care insurance is the number one threat to your life savings. This one-time class teaches the latest legal strategies on how to protect your life savings against the cost of home care, assisted living and nursing home care. Staying at home and out of nursing homes costs money (more than $8000/ month). Many folks do not have insurance to cover these costs and those who do often do not have enough or do not know how to use it. This class teaches how to qualify for Medicaid and V.A. to pay for even the best of care, without giving away your assets. This class is from a lawyer’s persepctive, not a salesperson. Instructor: Scott Solkoff

Wednesday, February 15 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest


Exercise Your Brain…By Being Spontaneous

This class will teach you the basics of Improvisational Theatre. Simple techniques to help you think on the go, interact with others and increase your all-important listening skills while having fun! Laughs, chuckles and smiles guaranteed. Instructor: Suzi Lynch

Thursdays, February 16, 23, March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Surviving Market Swings

Have market events reshaped your financial future? Discover sound financial strategies to help strengthen your portfolio. We’ve certainly had our share of market volatility lately, but the fact remains that asset bubbles, debt crises, political uncertainty, currency swings, international conflicts and economic conditions — in the United States and abroad — can spur volatility in the financial markets. And often it’s a case of when and not if it happens. It’s only natural to be concerned when the market drops. And yet, even during turbulent times, you can more comfortably ride out a financial storm if you’re prepared and have sound financial strategies in place. Come to our educational workshop and discover methods that could enhance your investing potential in today’s markets. By using sound investment approaches, you might avoid making emotion-based mistakes during times of volatility. Instructor: Debra Targett

Thursday, February 23 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Hoarding Is More Than A Reality Show

This class offers a fascinating presentation of this prevalent problem of hoarding. It identifies the unique psychological phenomena and the contributing factors. Various types of hoarding are described with pictures from actual cases. Many strategies for intervention are suggested and the need for healthy intervention is stressed. You can bring your stories of hoarders that you know to discuss. Instructor: Ann Meyerson

Tuesday, February 28 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Seasons Of Our Lives

We know who we were- how we used to be and how we are now different. Do we mourn our lost self or cultivate our now self? This class will explore the transitions throughout our life’s journey. Each of our stories are a sacred” drama”. The class will be interactive, personal, and supportive. Instructor: Suzanne Stier

Thursdays, March 2, 9, 16 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Basic Financial Concepts

Financial needs and understanding the rules, products and availability are highlighted in this series. Topics to be covered are: Basic Financial Concepts, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning with Tax Advantages and your questions will be discussed and answered. Instructor: Anna Tran

Fridays, March 10, 17, 24 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

You And The Law

The class explores the laws that affect you on a regular basis and shows you how to benefit from them. You will learn about consumer rights to avoid ripoffs, your rights as a resident in a Homeowner’s Association, lemon laws, financial and banking laws, credit card consumer rules, how to avoid probate and other tips and treasures. You’ll be able to ask the lawyer about your issues and problems as well. Instructor: Scott Solkoff & Raymond Piccin

Wednesday, March 15 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

What’s Your Opinion?

Provocative questions ignite insights into the human condition. This a unique and thought provoking experience as we discuss, argue, laugh and explore the human mindset. Come, share and enjoy with us. Class is limited to 25 participants, as class members are expected to share their opinions. Instructor: Fred Behrend

Mondays, March 20, 27 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Taking Control

Women today have careers, start businesses, run households, raise children, and help aging parents. By taking care of yourself financially, you may be able to take better care of the ones you love. We will discuss topics ranging from investment fundamentals to retirement strategies to maximizing Social Security benefits to preparing for the unexpected, including divorce and widowhood. Everyone who attends will receive a full-color, 20-page workbook filled with a wealth of information and exercises, which are designed to help you assess your current situation and make sound financial decisions. Instructor: Debra Targett

Thursday, March 23 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Quality of Life vs. Value of Life: Is There A Difference

Engage in a spirited presentation about the indomitable spirit in each of us. What is the difference between quality and value of life? We will gain insight and inspiration and perhaps a new perspective on suffering. We will also touch on practical applications for all of us such as a living will and healthcare proxy. Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons

Monday, March 27 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

So You Want To Write A Book and Publish It Too?

Author Manny Luftglass discusses his book, a how-to on writing a book, getting it self-published, and selling it. His book discusses getting someone else to publish it, the university presses that most writers don’t even know exist (there are well over 100 of them in America). It also instructs writers on how to produce and sell a book in partnership, how to start a publishing company and how to handle the insurance needs of that company. Further, it describes how to set up your own website. Luftglass describes what it takes and shares his own experiences with the class. Instructor: Manny Luftglass

Wednesday, March 29 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Positioning Portfolio For Reliable Income

With record low interest rates many investors and retirees struggle to find secure investments with good yield. Incomeoriented investors face challenges in 2017 as a result of changing interest rate dynamics. Come join us to find out ways to help generate income in this market environment. Instructor: Matthew Kochman

Thursdays, March 30, April 6 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Real Estate, Homesteading, Buying & Selling Property

Through the eyes of an expert, you can better understand the legal aspects of real estate. Florida and Palm Beach County have some unique laws to protect you as well as cost you. Be smart, ask the questions. Buying and selling property can be tricky. This will be an interactive discussion. Instructor: Elissa Vessal

Thursday, March 30 | 2:00pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Insider Real Estate Secrets

Real estate has changed since the last time you bought or sold a home. In this presentation, preparing properly will increase the value of your real estate transaction. In addition, new rules and regulations will be highlighted so that you can become wellprepared and your experience will be more positive. The main steps include preparation, transaction, negotiation and closing. Instructor: Bobbi Benson

Tuesday, April 4 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Bond Fund Investors Can’t Stay On Autopilot

Today’s fixed income market is unique. Continued low yields could mean bond returns will be harder to come by going forward. We’re coming off of a period of extended low interest rates, and yet there remains a great amount of uncertainty around interest rates and how and when they may increase. Market insights wil be shared and the class will walk through some fixed income strategies to consider, specifically unconstrained global fixed income and high quality fixed income. Instructor: Debra Targett

Thursday, April 6 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest






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