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Personal Growth & Financial Security

Writing, Dialogue & Discussion: Let's Talk 

This unique program features an engaging dialogue created by the audience. It opens with a 10-minute think/write, after which the class will share its ideas and impression. Each session includes a "prompt" to lead the focus of the weekly topics. You can utilize the prompt to create a journal, poem or story of your choice. You can "freestyle" your writing as well. Realizing your own talents through writing and dialogue is a goal of this fresh new course. (Please bring a pen and pad/notebook to class). 

Instructor: Joanne Summerfield 

>Tuesdays, Oct 13-Dec-15

  2:00 PM 

 "Do You Think You Can Role Play?...and MORE"

Join us for a creative and stimulating journey. We will identify our values through group dynamics, conflict resolution and logical solutions. This is a vibrant and exciting interactive class and participation is encouraged. Class may be limited to 20 participants. 

Instructor: Marshall Cohen 

>Wednesdays, weekly, Oct 14-28

  12:30 PM 

Getting Up with Andy Greenberg 

"Getting UP with Andy Greenberg" is based on his national radio motivational vignettes that are heard by millions  on 100's of stations regularly, his book "Your High" and his personal life. The attendees will leave with easy to use, simple and highly effective techniques to enjoy and prosper every day. The presentation will highlight some of the over 1,100 original ideas and vignettes heard nationally on "Your Daily High with Andy Greenberg" and his TV Show. 

Instructor: Andrew Greenberg 

>Wednesday, Oct 21 

   12:30 PM 

Men, Let's Talk 

Men, our work is winding down or changing, and our children have moved on. Our thoughts now center on the options associated with growing older. We think more about our health, our relationships, and our resources. All of a sudden, our world looks different. This men's discussion group is a time to talk, to listen, and to share stories, and experiences in as safe, no obligation environment. It's a time to dig a little deeper into who we are, and what we have in common. It's a time to learn and continue to grow as we look at the years ahead. 

Instructor: Ron Browne 

>Tuesdays, Oct 13-Dec 15

  2:00 PM 

 The Psychology of Life: Stress Reduction for Seniors

This course will examine the factors causing stress and anxiety; as well as their physical, behavioral, and psychological effects. In addition, mental illness and its affects will be discussed. Stress management techniques that are useful in every day life will be reviewed. You will learn a lot about yourself in this series. 

Instructor: Jerry Goodman 

>Fridays, Oct 16-Nov 13 

  12:30 PM


As an expert in the field of memory heightening, Judy Herman has created a series of entertaining sessions designed to stimulate the brain's working processes and heighten cognitive skills by use of games, exercises and practical learning. Judy sets mental challenges for the audience, solving strategies and encouraging further participation with 'fun in mind.' This will be a fascinating learning experience. 

Instructor: Judy Herman 

>Thursday, Oct 22, Nov 19,

  2:00 PM 

Why Am I Here? 

Have you ever wondered why you are here on earth? What is your purpose in life? Through video and discussion, the class will explore these questions. After examination, let's discover how to make our time here meaningful and joyful. 

Instructor: Dorothy Herman 

>Mon, Oct 26

  12:30 PM 

 Stories from our Families 

The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: develop a strong family narrative. Our families are central to everything we do. You can hear them directly from our professional storytellers or share your own. The most interesting souvenirs occur in live itself. Be a part of this unique opportunity to discover the tales of families which may be similar to your own or totally different. 

Instructor: Vera Fried 

>Monday, Nov 16 

  2:00 PM 

 Money Matters 

To aid or not to aid is one of the thorniest and most confusing interactions between parents and their adult children. In this workshop, learn the difference between helping- and enabling- and how to avoid being your child's personal ATM machine. Learn how to say no without feeling guilty and the difference between giving a loan- or a gift. 

Instructor: Bea Lewis

>Monday, Dec 7 

  2:00 PM 

It's Not What We Say, It's What They Hear 

This presentation is a communication skills workshop for parents of adult children, including role playing and practice sessions. In this workshop, you will learn how to give advice so your adult kids don't think you are from the Stone Age and gain an understanding of when it's OK to say something (and how to say it) or when it's best to simply keep your mouth shut! 

Instructor: Bea Lewis

>Mon, Dec 21

  2:00 PM 

How to Deal with Difficult People & Resolve Conflict 

Is the difficult person always the other person? How do we break down barriers and eliminate the walls of mistrust that took seconds or years to build? Each attendee will learn how to prevent a situation from becoming combative and turn it into an experience of long lasting resolution and respect. Have fun and learn how easy it is to resolve conflict among friends, spouses and family. 

Instructor: Andrew Greenberg 

>Wednesday, Nov 4

  12:30 PM 

The Art of Public Presentations 

Death, taxes and public speaking are a person's biggest fear! This class will turn you into a powerful speaker, even if you never talked to a crowd before! Within 75 minutes even the shyest person will transform into a confident and influential speaker. 

Instructor: Andrew Greenberg 

>Thursday, Nov 19 

  12:30 PM 

 Leadership Skills- Build Loyal Supporters 

There are no followers, only loyal supporters. From teens to seasoned adults, leadership techniques and understanding the needs of supporters are combined to shatter the myth that a person is a born leader. This course will give you the skills you need to create a loyal following of supporters who will pursue the achievement of the team's goal. It is highly interactive and introduces concepts and techniques that have been described as novel and easy to adapt by anyone who attends. 

Instructor: Andrew Greenberg 

>Wednesday, Dec 9 

  12:30 PM




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