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Fall 2017

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Leisure & Literature at the JCC  

It’s Never too Late to Travel

Explore some of the deterrents to travel that many older adults face. Learn insider tips on air and cruise travel. Find out how to make it easier to embark on new adventures, or revisit your favorite places, even if you or a loved one has physical challenges or special needs. 
Instructors: Sherry Picker & Lily Shapiro                            

Monday, October 16 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Do You Think You Can Role Play? and More!     

This is a creative and stimulating journey through the magic of humorous improvisation. We will identify our values through role playing, conflict resolution, group dynamics and logical solutions. This is a vibrant and exciting interactive class. Participation is encouraged. Class may be limited to 20 participants.
Instructor: Marshall Cohen            

Wednesdays, October 18, 25, November 1, 8, 15, 29 | 12:00pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Truth about Your H.O.A.

For many in Florida, living with a community Home Owners Association is a new experience. This informative session will review the history and development of the concept, explore what this association contributes to the community and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of this structure. The difference between self-run communities and those employing management companies will also be discussed. Group participation and your own stories will be shared and encouraged.
Instructor: Ann Meyerson                                           

Wednesday, October 18 | 12:00 pm 
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Storytellers: A Unique Way of Entertaining for Grownups

Story tellers around the globe flourish as they spin their tales to the delight of audiences. Vera, who is a certified professional storyteller will tell you a few tales and then teach you how to create and perform stories for the amusement and enchantment of family and friends.
Instructor: Vera Fried                             

Mondays, October 20, November 6, 13 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

What If?

What if you and your family would have to make a decision that could change your life forever?  Become a part of a Socio drama where you take the role of another person and make choices to ensure your survival. This is a unique opportunity to learn about yourself and others. Minimum participants: 25
Instructor: Dorothy Herman    

Monday, October 23 | 12:00 pm & 1:30 pm 
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Flea Market Follies

Ever since his arrival in Florida in 1979, speaker David Devensky has hunted flea markets and thrift shops in search of quality paintings and collectables at bargain prices. To date, he has authored 5 books on this subject. In his presentation, he will take you on a journey to meet the bizarre characters who inhabit this underground off-beat world.  You will learn how to tell the good from the bad, a painting from a print, the different types of buyers and sellers and the psychology and techniques of buying at the lowest price possible. With many humorous moments and stories, several of his finds will be available for the delight of all.
Instructor: David Devensky                                          

Friday November 3 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Women Remorse, Men Replace

This series is an introduction to the examination of the financial, emotional, social and sexual aspects of being widowed. The instructor has personally been there and done that. With diverse topics ranging from the legal and financial aspects of being alone to the social and bedroom environment, this class is informational and offers the opportunity to share lifetime experiences to assist others.
Instructor: Joel Lerner                                

Tuesdays, November 7 & 14 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Happy Hookers Unite and Reunite 

Freshen up on your knitting and crocheting through the experience of a long time knitter and creator. These sessions will provide instructions and individual help for those just beginning as well as seasoned knitters looking to advance their skills.
Instructor: Barbara Rosen     

Tuesdays, November 21, 28 December 5, 12, 19 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Miracle on the Hudson: the “Sully” Story   

Capt. Chesley Sullenberger safely landed an Airbus-320 in the frigid waters of the Hudson River saving the lives of 155 persons. What Sully did is well-known, but what were the causes of this potential disaster and why did the aircraft fly without power for approximately five minutes? What key decisions were made by Capt. Sully? What were the lessons learned from this incident? (This is not a movie presentation rather a 2 part series deciphering the whys and how of the story.)
Instructor: Gerald Levine                                 

Tuesdays, November 21 & 28 | 1:30pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Catskills From A to Z

Join Marjorie Wolfe as she takes a stroll down memory lane. Revisit Grossingers, The Concord, bungalow colonies and the drive up “the mountains”. Featured as well are the comedians and entertainers who began their careers or became popular attractions to the audiences from “the city” and beyond. Surely, you will kvel with joy when remembering growing up in this different era in our lives.
Instructor: Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe                          

Thursday, December 7 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Memories are Made of This       

This inter-active two-part discussion deals with our memories in the past and the near term. Discuss the factors that affect you and how you wish to be remembered, the importance of your goals and what you overcame to achieve them, the prominent dates worth remembering in your life. Think back and uncover your special memories.
Instructor: Joanne Mindes                                 

Mondays, December 11 & 18 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Magic for Grandparents

 All of us love to entertain our grandchildren and get them away from their electronic gadgets when we visit them or they come to us. Showing and explaining simple card tricks using no special gimmicks or slights of hand will be our agenda. (Class limited to 12 participants).
Instructor: Joel Lerner                               

Thursdays, December 14 & 21 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Future Shock, Redux

The future is now is an apt phrase used to describe the premise of this program. We are impacted by a future world which is pushing into our daily lives and not always for the better. The title originates with the famous book Future Shock by Alvin Toffler who discussed change and what happens to people when they do and don’t adapt. This program goes far more deeply into this issue. It will address AI (artificial intelligence) and technological changes which result in stress and disorientation. Knowing more about the existence is, of course, to our advantage. This intellectual course focuses on the leading aspects of future challenges impacting us now and in the future caused by scientific, medical and technological advances.
Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Green                                 

Wednesday, December 6 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest


Magic For Grandparents 

All of us love to entertain our grandchildren and get themaway from their electronic gadgets when we visit them or theycome to us. Showing and explaining simple card tricks using nospecial gimmicks or slights of hand will be our agenda. (Classlimited to 12 participants).

Instructor: Joel Lerner | Tuesdays, January 16, 23, 30 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Do You Think You Can Role Play? & More!

This is a creative and stimulating journey through the magicof humorous improvisation. We will identify our valuesthrough role playing, conflict resolution, group dynamicsand logical solutions. This is a vibrant and exciting interactiveclass. Participation is encouraged. Class may be limited to 20participants.

Instructor: Marshall Cohen | Wednesdays, January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14| 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

"W2W" Women to Women, Let's Talk About Us 

Join us for lively discussions where extraordinary women share wisdom and humor. Our purpose is to build relationships, promote dialogue and inspire women. Discussion topics are democratically selected. All are welcome to suggest and partake.

Instructor: Anita Ross | Thursdays, January 18, 25, February 1, 8,15, 22, March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

What's Your Point Of View? 

Please bring an open mind, your thoughts on the topics at hand, and a desire to engage in respectful, civil dialogue. Our goal is to better understand the human condition and to hone our thinking skills by “thinking out loud” and create a forum for sharing points of view or your philosophy or opinions.

Instructor: Mendy Gottesdiener | Fridays, February 2, 9, 16, 23 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Stories of Your Life: Writing Your Memories 

The course will teach participants how to write and organize their fondest memories so that their children and grandchildren will not have to lament: “oh how I wished I would have asked my grandparents and parents more about their lives and where I came from.” Small group atmosphere with discussions and sharing encouraged.

Instructor: Susan Berkowitz | Mondays, February 5, 12, 19, 26 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

A Look at Humor Through Every Stage In Our Lives 

This session will deal with showing participants a new way tolook at humor through the ages. Jokes at every stage of lifewill be discussed and you will see why we need to laugh as welose our minds or our eyesight. Laughing through life can keepus healthy, wealthy and wise.

Instructor: Joyce Saltman | Tuesday, February 13 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Spontaneity is The Word of the Day 

Improvisation and creativity highlight this series. Having fun, creating scenes from suggestions, and working in tandem with others creates enjoyment with laughs. The class features great exercises for your brain and increases your listening skills.

Instructor: Suzi Lynch | Thursdays, February 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15, 22 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest


This class is a culmination of Joyce’s past series and all of the new jokes and anecdotes that she has collected over the past year! Hold on to your chair and get ready to laugh!

Instructor: Joyce Saltman | Tuesday, February 20 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Jeopardy For Seniors 

Based on the popular television series “Jeopardy”, enjoy a friendly competition to identify the questions from the clues given as answers. Host Chet Kaufman will offer tidbits from history, geography, Jewish culture, and some corny jokes.

Instructor: Chet Kaufman | Friday, February 23 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Meet the Author: Rebuilt From Broken Glass 

Symbolized by a three-hundred-year-old Sederplate, the religious life of Fred Behrend’s familyhad centered largely around Passover and the taleof the Jewish people’s exodus from tyranny. Whenthe Nazis came to power, the wide-eyed boy and hisfamily found themselves living a twentieth-centuryversion of that exodus, escaping oppression andpersecution in Germany for Cuba and ultimately alife of freedom and happiness in the United States. Behrend’s childhood came to a crashing end with Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) and his father’s harrowing internment at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, but he would not be defined by these harrowing circumstances. Behrend wouldgo on to experience brushes with history involving defeating the Germans.

Instructor: Fred Behrend | Monday, February 26 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

If You Like to Cruise This Is For You! 

Attend an informative session with Anita Wolmetz a cruise travel representative with CruiseOne/Dream Vacations that is rated #1 in the industry. She will be presenting some of her local representatives to discuss new ships, new itineraries and much more!

Instructor: Anita Wolmetz | Monday, March 5 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Travel with Ted....To Vietnam!

After 29 years with Newsweek, Ted Slate, a columnist, an author and an inveterate traveler, left his position as General Editor with the magazine to begin a 15-career year as a Tour Director, working for such companies as GoAhead Tours, the Smithsonian Institution’s Journeys program and Grand Circle Travel. In this capacity, he traveled the world, leading groups and lecturing on the countries and sights they visited. In this hour-long presentation, Ted will present visual highlights of a tour of Vietnam which he conducted for Smithsonian Institution’s travelers.

Instructor: Ted Slate | Monday, March 5 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

What's Your Opinion

Provocative questions ignite insights into the human condition. This is a unique and thought provoking experience as we discuss, argue, laugh and explore the human mindset. The answers you will hear may surprise you. Come, share and enjoy with us. Class limited to 25 participants as class members are expected to share their opinions.

Instructor: Fred Behrend | Tuesdays, March 13, 20 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Meet the Author: Life in the State of Retirement: The Good, The Bad and the Very Funny  

In her book Life in the State of Retirement: The Good, The Bad and The Very Funny, Bea Lewis holds a mirror up to senior living with all the pleasures and pitfalls that come with it — which is a far cry from our mothers’ Florida lifestyle. Come prepared to laugh as Bea shares stories of family visits (the pleasures of living under one roof) Mah Jongg madness, learning the rules of senior dating, and which early-bird specials are worth eating at 4:45 pm.

Instructor: Bea Lewis | Monday, March 19 | 12:00 pm

Pathaways to the Past 

As time goes by, one may think more often of parents and grandparents. What about your ancestors of one, two or even three centuries earlier? The presentation focuses on one man’s efforts to research his ancestry and the startling results he obtained. He presents this through words and photos, as he explains how he consequently traveled to Eastern Europe and walked on “the pathways of the past.”

Instructor: Lowell Halpern | Wednesday, March 28 | 12:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Fix the Flops

How to fix culinary disasters and create culinary feasts for one or for a crowd is the focus of this class. The late Julia Child’s mantra is “What the hell! ... Pull the dish through with flair.” Instructor Ethel Hofman’s mantra is “this is how it’s supposed to be.” Deflated chocolate cake? Pile ripe berries into center and call it chocolate torte — and other impressive remedies. Culinary demos, tips and tasting galore!

Instructor: Ethel Hofman | Wednesday, March 28 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Meet the Author: My Life & Other Aggravations 

After a 31 year career at the New York Times and Newsweek, Ted Slate’s desire to travel became so overwhelming that he jumped ship and started a second career as a tour director, leading groups around the world. Fifteen years later, he resigned to write a travel column for The Warren Reporter in New Jersey. Five years later, he left and decided to write his book My Life and Other Aggravations, a collection of the humorous and sometimes outrageous essays encapsulating the highlights of his checkered career. Discover the author’senc ouragement and learn the process of book creation.

Instructor: Ted Slate | Thursday, March 29 | 1:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest



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