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Leisure & Literature at the JCC  

Stop Worrying: Self Help With A Sense of Jewish Humor

Attention Designated Worriers! Is your family relaxed because you’re doing their worrying? When you express concern, is the reaction “Mom, can’t you be positive?” Or worse, “Pop, you don’t trust me!” If you want to see your kiddush cup as half full, not exploding, and relax worrying about travel, health, happiness, and OMG, the kids, join us when Carol Cott Gross, longtime Director of Fly Without Fear who has appeared on TV and radio will present: Stop Worrying ... Instructor: Carol Cott Gross

Monday, January 16 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Magic For Our Grandparents

All of us love to entertain our grandchildren and get them away from their electronic gadgets when we visit them or they come to us. Showing and explaining simple card tricks using no special gimmicks or slights of hand will be our agenda. (Class limited to 12 participants). Instructor: Joel Lerner

Thursday, January 19, 26 | 12:30 pm Repeated Monday, March 6, 13 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

“W2W” Women to Women, Let’s Talk About Us

Join us for lively discussions where extraordinary women share wisdom and humor. Our purpose is to build relationships, promote dialogue and inspire women. Discussion topics are democratically selected. All are welcome to suggest and partake. Moderator: Anita Ross

Thursdays, January 19, 26, February 2, 9
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Writing Your Memoirs

The course will teach participants how to write and organize their fondest memories, so that their children and grandchildren will not have to lament: “oh how I wished I would have asked my grandparents and parents more about their lives and where I came from?” Small group atmosphere with discussions and sharing encouraged. Instructor: Susan Berkowitz

Fridays, January 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Urban Legends/ Conspiracy Theories/ Blood Libels: What They Say About Us?

“Friend of a Friend Tales Told as True” are often centuries old, born out of an oral tradition but still going strong on the internet and sometimes at the clubhouse too! Let’s discuss the pride and prejudice, which produces these tales and how they affect politics, race relations, religion, and anxiety. Instructor: Carol Cott Gross

Monday, January 23 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

The Great Canyons of the West

Begin the day with a sunrise at the great Grand Canyon in all its colorful grandeur. View the changing landscape of Arizona, the Painted Desert and Monument Valley as you travel thru the Navaho Nation. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Powell, take a cruise along into the Antelope Canyon, and finish the day with sunset at Lake Powell Resort. Discover the Upper Antelope Slot Canyon, its sandstone walls sculptured by flash floods for centuries. The light in this canyon creates one-of-a-kind contemporary photos. Proceed as the landscape changes into Utah and Mormon country. Bryce Canyon (8500ft.) provides a unique and vivid architecture of reds and whites. Travel down to about 5500ft. arriving at Zion National Park. Here we explore the canyon’s majestic red and brown rock pillars. Conclude with the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone created by the river and the sulfur springs proving the striking colored walls. Instructor: Arny Landy

Monday, January 30 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

“Macakerel at Midnight” Growing Up Jewish On A Remote Scottish Island

“MACKEREL AT MIDNIGHT” GROWING UP JEWISH ON A REMOTE SCOTTISH ISLAND Both a memoir and cookbook, this book is about the author and her family finding safe haven in Lerwick, Shetland, after fleeing Russia. They open a store called Greenvald’s, and her father, Harry soon turns the shop into the beloved gathering place for “a good yarn and a dram of whisky.” This is also the story of Jean, the wife Harry brings to Lerwick through a marriage broker. Though an ocean away from other Jews, Jean Greenwald, “our Ma”, vows to rear her children with deep pride in their heritage and religion. Despite the hardships, good food always brings solace, and recipes for the Jewish and island dishes she prepares weave through the narrative. Instructor: Author Ethel Hofman

Wednesday, February 1 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

Travel back in time, put on your ten gallon hat, and get ready to visit Jackson Hole, WY. View the unique offerings of the largest active geothermal areas in the world, including Old Faithful and the colorful Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The Teton mountain range is one of the most photographed in the U.S. Journey through the scenic Snake River Valley historical district and the wildlife of Oxbow Bend. This class will be a trip you never forget! Instructor: Arny Landy

Monday, February 6 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

More Fun with Food: Creative Concoctions

The Master Concocter Returns! Have fun with food, by putting together unlikely ingredients to produce simple, interesting and nutritious concoctions. Samples for tasting are included. Instructor: Sol Hitzig

Tuesday, February 14, 21, 28 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

It’s Humor: Life Is Very Funny

International speaker on humor, Joyce Saltman returns with her new series that will entertain you and make you laugh! Then you can try to remember the jokes to share with your friends and family. Some off-color, others hilarious! Topics to be covered: Jokes and Why they are Funny, Ethnic Humor-Jewish & otherwise, Humor and Politics, Humor and Irony, Humor and Psychology, Humor and Sex. Instructor: Joyce Saltman

Tuesdays, February 14, 21, 28, March 14, 21, 28 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

What’s So Funny About The History of Comedy?

A review of comedy and comics guaranteed to tickle your ribs. Stan has a storehouse of jokes plus audio-visual samples of the best comedy and comics since the Greeks coined a word for it: “komida.” Instructor: Stanley Isenberg

Monday, February 27 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Meet the Author “Shochet”

This novel takes a different approach. It explores the devolution of an individual, from seemingly upwardly mobile middle class origins who becomes driven into a fascination with Kabbalistic occultism until misanthropy finds an outlet in a lust for human sacrifice. He is most creative when his hands are covered with the viscera and dark matter torn from those offenders failing to understand the hopelessness of an existence without purpose. In this class, the author will discuss the book and its meaning. Instructor: Ken Green

Wednesday, March 1 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

The True Field of Dreams: Miracle League

Are you tired of the negativity we see and hear almost daily? Then you should definitely attend this lecture. You will learn, hear and see a community that bonded together to turn 6 acres of cornfields into a magnificent facility, “where every kid and every adult, with every challenge” get the chance to play baseball. It is a story that is sure to bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face. Instructor: Fred Tischler

Wednesday, March 1 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Fix the Flops and Tips and Tricks From The Fridge: A Culinary Demo

This class will teach you how to fix culinary disasters and transform into culinary feasts for one, two or a crowd. The late Julia Child’s mantra was “what the hell ... pull the dish through with flair.” Ethel’s mantra is “this is how it’s supposed to be.” Deflated chocolate cake? Pile ripe berries into center and call it chocolate torte - and other impressive remedies. Instructor: Ethel Hofman

Wednesday, March 8 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

How We Won The War or God Help The Army With Soldiers Like Me

Come join us for a humorous tongue-in-cheek story of an immigrant boy, drafted into the Army right after graduating from high school. This interesting tale of a misfit and his glorious survival, despite all attempts by his superiors to make a soldier out of him, will give you chuckles and smiles. The story is told by the young boy himself, who now many years later is willing to share his deeds. Instructor Fred Behrend

Monday, March 13 | 2:00pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

What I Know About You?

Life is a journey. What we know about each other helps us make important decisions that affect our lives. In this interactive class, participants will discover how their Jewish and other baggage impacts what they do. Instructor: Dorothy Herman

Tuesday, March 14 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Dare We Talk About It? Death & Dying

This four-week series discusses the topic based on the book “The Grace of Dying” by Kathleen Dowling Singh. “Dying is safe. You are safe. Your loved one is safe. That is the message of all the words here.” True to her promise, Dowling Singh walks us through the final stages of death with complete honesty, yet she manages to quell the ultimate fear of dying. Instructor: Angela Margolis

Tuesdays, March 14, 21, 28, April 4 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

The Magic Wand of Make- Up

Ladies, bring your makeup and a hand mirror and be indulged in a fun and detailed session to learn the tricks and professional hints to successful make-up preparation. Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg-Lurie

Thursday, March 16 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

Amusing Tales in Greek Mythology

This is a lighthearted lecture with a PowerPoint presentation concentrating on the gods’ escapades, particularly Zeus’ many affairs. The gods had human forms and human foibles; they were adulterers, selfish, jealous and unforgiving. Their heroic temples and statues are testament to the faith early mankind had in these gods. Although they were figments of the imagination eons ago, they still impact our lives today — names given to constellations, horoscopes, scientific experiments and space travel. Instructor: Doris Oberstein

Monday, April 3 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

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