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Leisure & Literature

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Novel Ideas
Do you love reading and discussing literature? Are you the type of person who can’t put down a good book and loves to discuss it with friends? If so, this class is for you. Tentative titles that will be up for discussion: The White Tiger- Aravind Adiga, Just Revenge- Alan Dershowitz, and Second Hand Smoke- Thane Rosenbaum
Instructor: Janet Eskolsky Taubin
> Tuesday; 12:30 pm
December 16

Magic for Grandparents
All of us love to entertain our grandchildren and get them away from their electronic gadgets when we visit them or they come to us. Showing and explaining simple card tricks, using no special gimmicks or slights of hand, will be our agenda. Class limited to 12 participants.
Instructor: Joel Lerner
> Mondays; 12:30 pm
   December 1, 8, 15

The Radio Broadcaster Extraordinaire-and Why I Gave Him That Title
This broadcaster served a dual purpose on radio. He was a newscaster and an amazing story teller. He deservedly developed a large audience. Find out the story.
Instructor: Stanton Polin
>Monday; 12:30 pm
December 15

Watch Your Step
This class focuses on falls protection. Learn the dangers around the home, which are the dangerous rooms and the causes of falls. Statistics show the seniors who are involved in falls at home are more susceptible to serious injury than any other area. The best methods of prevention are highlighted.
Instructor: Vicki Farer
>Tuesday; 10:15 am
January 13

Poisons in the Home
Your home can present numerous toxic scenarios. The methods of poisons infiltrating your body systems are varied. Inhalation, absorption, ingestion along with drug interactions, improper cooking, food storage and mixing medication with alcohol bring poisoning opportunities. Learn how to prevent and treat these household situations
Instructor: Vicki Farer
>Tuesday; 10:15 am
January 20

Hearts on Fire/”Clouds Across the Sun”
by Ellen Brazer (Book Review)
Before the end of World War II, Hitler charged a group of his most trusted and brilliant comrades with a mission- educate your progeny and elevate them to positions of power throughout the world. This story is one of great romance, discovery, redemption and enlightenment as a plan is unraveled to take over the government of the United States.
Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg Lurie
>Wednesday; 12:30 pm
January 21

Television Journalism
From the inside, a look a television journalism and the production of stories, segments and documentaries that appeared on 60 Minutes and other noted TV journalistic programs.
Instructor: Maurice Murad
>Wednesdays; 2:00 pm
January 28, February 4, 11

Meet the Author: Journeys of a Writer
While in college an English professor told Carren, “Some people are writers and some are not. You are not a writer.” Fortunately she was not deterred by his
negativity. Although it took 15 years for her to pick up a pen again, her first book was purchased by a major publishing house for six figures. You’ll enjoy this talk
filled with anecdotes and inspirational stories of her own journey as a writer.
Instructor: Carren Strock
>Tuesday; 2:00 pm
January 13

An Unexpected Visit (by Voices in Play)
This is an interconnected story of two women, a German and a Jew, during the Nazi era. The two women find themselves in intense conversation sometimes accusing each other and at other times
confiding as old friends. This play is intense and satisfying within the finale of a thriller.-
Instructor: Linda Spitzer and Bonnie Dropkin
>Tuesday; 12:30 pm
January 20

Rudolf Valentino
In a short story by Frank O’Connor, a wife who isn’t attracted to her husband is told by a friend that she might try following the example of another such wife: “one night she pretended to herself that her husband was Rudolf Valentino, and everything was all right”. This class focuses on the legend and reputation of Valentino.
Instructor: Dr. Terryl Lawrence
>Monday; 12:30 PM
January 26

In Their Own Words
Letters written by the earliest Jewish Americans tell what this experience has meant to them. We will meet
American Jews who lived in the colonies, survived the American Revolution, gained citizenship in the young Republic and braved the frontier.
Instructor: Charlotte Glass
>Monday; 12:30 pm
February 2

The Storyteller:This Time It’s for Grownups
Story tellers around the globe flourish as they spin their tales to the delight of audiences. Vera, who is a certified professional storyteller will tell you a few tales and then teach you how to create and perform stories for the amusement and enchantment of family and friends.
Instructor: Vera Fried
>Tuesday; 10:15 am
February 3

Magic for Grandparents
All of us love to entertain our grandchildren and get them away from their electronic gadgets when we visit them or they come to us. Showing and explaining simple card tricks, using no special gimmicks or slights of hand, will be our agenda.
(Class limited to 12 participants).
Instructor: Joel Lerner
>Monday; 12:30 pm
February 9, 23, March 2

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean
The book “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” written by Edward Kritzler provides an interesting perspective into a fascinating portion of the history in Jewish involvement in crimes, money transaction and other activities within the Islands. Recently, many
people have discovered this amazing story. Join us for a review, synopsis and discussion.
Instructor: Carol Geller
>Monday; 12:30 pm
February 9

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
This often humorous story of a young refugee boy after his arrival into the U.S. in 1941 will delight you with anecdotes and interesting famous customers. Beginning with his first job at age 13, in a house of young, hard-working young” ladies” to a successful career in new invented air conditioning in
midtown Manhattan.
Instructor: Fred Behrend
>Tuesday; 12:30 pm
February 24

An Elegant Wine Experience
As a connoisseur of wine, Ken’s years of experience will be shared. The expertise on describing and detailing various types of wines will be enhanced by tasting and enjoyment for the palette. We will learn and decide which wines go best with foods,
how to buy wine, the cost of wine, proper methods of wine storage and which countries should be considered when selecting wines. An interactive experience awaits you.
Instructor: Ken Emmer
>Mondays; 2:00 pm
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Fine Jewelry with Beads
Enter a world of fashion and design of beaded jewelry. Learn about the tricks of the trade to create your own pearl and bead necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Discover why people have been fascinated by beads since ancient times, then marvel about an explosion of colors and styles.
Instructor: Ingrid Webster
>Monday; 12:30 pm
March 16

George Washington Danced….Here, There & Everywhere
The call to dance for the privileged Southern Aristocrat, masquerading under the guise of courtly manners, was a masterpiece of deception, intimidated only by the diabolically clever itinerant dance “Master”. Dance for the Puritans was an abomination while the Shakers did the unmentionable. This class highlights how various mismatched groups during a parallel period in American history set the precedence for future dance in America.
Instructor: Evelyn Halper
>Tuesday; 2:00 pm
March 17

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks
View the unique offerings of the largest active geothermal areas in the world, including Old Faithful. Explore the beauty of the colorful Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The Teton mountain range is one of the most photographed in the U.S. Journey through the scenic Snake River Valley historical district and the wildlife of Oxbow Bend. Travel back in time, put on your ten gallon hat, and get ready to visit Jackson Hole, WY.
Instructor: Arny Landy
>Monday; 12:30 pm
March 23


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