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Fall 2017

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Jewish Culture & Israel at the JCC 

What's In A Name? 

Jews did not have family names until a few centuries ago when a government decree forced them to register one. Find out the origin of your surname (and given name) and its meaning. We will examine the importance of names in the Jewish life and the many traditions and customs associated with choosing (and changing) names.

Instructor: Rabbi Dr. Abraham B. Eckstein | Monday, January 15 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

So, Who Is This God Guy, Anyway? 

Beliefs about whom and what God is have challenged Jews since the beginning of Judaism. Join us to hear the ideas about God from the Torah to the Talmud and from the middle ages to modern times. Who is God? What does He want? Can we talk to Him and how?

Instructor: Buddy Schreiber | Tuesdays, January 16, 23, 30, February 6 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

The History of Jews in Spain 

The Jews of Spain experienced times of great oppression and hardship as well as periods of unprecedented growth and renewal. Join us to trace this historical journey of the Spanish Jewish life.

Instructor: Pierre Chanover | Wednesday, January 17 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

The Evil Eye and Jewish Superstition 

Many cultures to this day dread “the Evil Eye”. Learn how to ward it off, defend yourself and the counterattack of its harmful power. Superstition takes over many people’s thoughts, so it’s important to learn the ins and outs of Jewish beliefs on this subject.

Instructor: Rabbi Dr. Abraham B. Eckstein | Monday, January 22 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Terror, Tragedy and Triumph: A Holocaust Story 

ACE presents special guest lecturer, Dr. Irving Berkowitz, Dean of Academic Affairs at Palm Beach State College and the son of Holocaust survivors, Rose and Walter Berkowitz. He is a popular public speaker and distinguished Holocaust Fellow of the renowned International School of Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Dr. Berkowitz will share his potent and powerful insights into the roots and ramifications of the Holocaust as well as the personal and poignant account of the death and labor camp horrors that befell his parents and family. The unimaginable story of torture, grief, loss, suffering, courage, survival and triumph will certainly be as gripping and captivating as it is incomprehensible and inspiring.

Instructor: Dr. Irving Berkowitz | Wednesday, January 24 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Jewish Entrepreneurs Who Have Made It To The Top 

This series focuses on Jewish innovators and entrepreneurs whose genius has impacted the world of business- and whose business has impacted the world. With a little bit of luck and lots of “chutzpah”, learn the secrets of their success.

Instructor: Irene Cohen | Wednesdays, January 31, February 21, March 21 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Let's Learn to Read Hebrew The Modern Way 

Exercise your mind and learn to read Hebrew at your own pace. We have an informal and relaxed setting. A workbook is required.

Instructor: Elaine Grossman | Thursdays January 18, 25, February 1, 8, 15, 22, March 1, 8 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Famous Jewish women of the Supreme Court 

This course spotlights Jewish women who have made their mark in their chosen specialties including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Deborah and the Prophetess/Judge.

Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg-Lurie | Thursday, January 25 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Laugh- It's Good For You: A Look At Jewish Humor 

While Jewish people constitute less than 2.3% of the American population, 80% of the professional comedians have traditionally been Jewish. What is it about the Jewish heritage that yields such hilarity? Is there really something unique about Jewish humor? Join us for an evening of learning and laughter with Joyce Saltman, who has been studying the topic since her birth in 1943!

Instructor: Joyce Saltman | Tuesday, January 30 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

The Start Up Nation Turns 70

As Israel looks forward to its 70th birthday, it can be proud of its many scientific, medical and technological achievements including cell phones, WAZE, drones, drip irrigation and multiple other unique creations. Let’s share in the joys of Israel’s progress.

Instructor: Leah Polin | Wednesday, February 7 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

How Do Famous Jews Observe Judaism? 

From Steven Spielberg, Mayim Bilaik, Natalie Portman, Jason Alexander, Larry King, Sarah Jessica Parker and so many more, what are they doing to keep Jewish? The answers will not only surprise you, they will amaze you!

Instructor: Andy Greenberg | Thursday, February 8 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Gamechangers: Jewish Inventions That Have "Rocked The World"

We will have fun looking at the disproportionate number of items and ideas created by Jews over the centuries including lipstick, jeans, cultural movies, the long playing record, defibrillators, pacemakers, the atomic bomb etc.

Instructor: Leah Polin | Wednesdays, February 14, 21, 28 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Ancient Thoughts For Modern Day Motivation 

Learn what the Torah, Rabbi Sage and Jewish teachings have to say on humility, friendship, loving kindness, leadership, charity, a good name, honor, wealth, taking care of the body, being slow to anger, using good words, and more. Some of our most well-known motivational and self-improvement mantras and techniques are found in our Jewish texts. You will be amazed how the old world solves today’s modern problems!

Instructor: Andy Greenberg | Thursday, February 15 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Discover Humanistic Judaism

Join BJ Saul, Madrikha, ordained ceremonial leader for Congregation Beth Adam and the South Florida Center for Humanistic Judaism, as she discusses the history and philosophy of Humanistic Judaism and how to celebrate being Jewish in our modern secular world.

Instructor: B.J. Saul | Tuesday, February 27 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Trumpinek Is Not A Yiddish Word, Tombinek Is!

Join Marge Gottlieb Wolfe as she discusses many Yiddish “t” words: tsista macher, tsedrait, tumler, traifnyak and tchotchkes to name a few. Fun word parodies will make you laugh and remember grandma’s expressions.

Instructor: Marge Gottlieb Wolfe | Monday, February 27 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Current Issues of Concern and Controversies That Surround Them

Join this monthly discussion forum covering a wide variety of general interest topics and information. Current events, news, politics, history, literature, religion, science, Jewish issues and world affairs are just a few of our major topic areas. We will discuss the correct and the politically incorrect. Controversial topics will certainly be included.

Instructor: Rabbi Barry Silver | Tuesday, February 27 and Wednesday, March 28 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

The History of Anti- Semitism 

When did it start? Why is it still here? How was Columbus involved? How was the Mashicah responsible? What is the truth about Blood Libel? This is one class that is poignant and important up to the present moment.

Instructor: Andy Greenberg | Thursday, March 1 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Conversational Yiddish

Addressing the background and function of Yiddish which is becoming the unifying language around the world. The class will be reviewing idiomatic expressions and songs. This will be an informal setting with audience participation. Bring grandmas expressions and share. It’s not necessary to speak Yiddish.

Instructor: Halina Baumgarten | Monday, March 5 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

The History of Israel and the Current Threat to its Existence

The class will cover current events relating to Israel’s security. Discussions will include the United Nations, Islam, and the possibility of the American Jews disregard for the Jewish state. Open discussion is encouraged.

Instructor: Alan Bergstein | Tuesdays, March 6, 13, 20, 27 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

The Jews of Philadelphia 

Philadelphia is truly the cradle of liberty for this great nation of ours. Jews were present in this area since William Penn declared this was to be a haven for religious freedom. Since that time, the Jews have contributed, in disproportionate numbers to its safety, to its arts and sciences, to its healing professions and to its education and more! This presentation in pictures and words will show you the Jewish personalities that made Philadelphia a great world city.

Instructor: Kurt Bomze | Wednesday, March 7 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Anti- Semitism Today: Not Your Bubbe & Zayde's Anti Semitism

Mr. Ross’ presentation will focus on the changing landscape of anti-Semitism today in America. This will include a brief overview of how the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is combating anti-Semitism and hatred including exploring many of the forms of extremism we find in Florida, discussing the mainstreaming of the anti-Israel movement on college campuses, establishing a baseline for determining the difference between anti-Israel sentiments and full blown anti- Semitism and action steps everyone can take to help counter these issues.

Instructor: Eric Ross | Wednesday, March 7 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

How To Get Into Jewish Heaven 

Will you be ready to answer the 3 Jewish questions that the guard at the gate of heaven will ask you? Do you even know what the questions are? Get ready for an intriguing and life changing introduction that could make sure you get in to this exclusive area! You won’t believe how easy it is.

Instructor: Andy Greenberg | Thursday, March 8 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Coming to the United States After the Holocaust 

In personal recollections and sharing of memories, Halina will discuss the culture shock and surprises that she encountered once arriving in the United States after the Holocaust. The adjustment to the “normal” American way of life took some time and effort.

Instructor: Halina Baumgarten | Monday, March 12 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Burial Vs. Cremation: An In-Depth Analysis of the Jewish View 

It’s a tough choice to make. The topic itself is something that we’d all like to push off. On the other hand, we all want to do the right thing when it comes to ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s make an educated decision. The class will open the discussion, explore sources in the Torah, and lead to an enlightening dialog. The class will be led by an expert on the topic.

Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Monday, March 12 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Ineractive Judaism 

This class provides an opportunity to explore your own as well as others views on a variety of Jewish subjects through one on one dialogue with reactions of what you learn about yourself and fellow class members.

Instructor: Dorothy Herman | Monday, March 12 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Two Gun Cohen: A Jewish General In the Chinese Army 

This class will explore the story of Morris Abraham Cohen — one of the most colorful and exotic Jewish trajectories of modern history.

Instructor: Charlotte Glass | Thursday, March 15 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Two Mythical Towns: Anatevka and Chelm 

Anatevka is a fictional Russian Shtetl where life is as precarious as the perch of a fiddler on the roof. Chelm is a mythical town in Poland where all the residents are usually happy gentle folk. They share another virtue; they are considered fools by everyone living outside of Chelm.

Instructor: Marge Gottlieb Wolfe | Thursday, March 15 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Reincarnation and Resurrection 

This lecture provides a mystical and practical discussion on two very complex topics: resurrection and reincarnation. What does Judaism teach about these ideas? Are they the same thing? Are they at odds with each other? This philosophical discussion is one of utmost importance.

Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Monday, March 19 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

How is Judaism Different? 

Every religion has its prophets, its customs, its bible. How is Judaism different from the others? What does Judaism teach that no other religion in the history of humanity has dared to claim? Come to this class and learn the philosophies and structure of the different religious theories.

Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Monday, March 26 | 12:00 pm


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