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The Many Faces of Judaism
The class will examine the four branches of Judaism. Topics to be included: the Rabbinical Seminaries, the theories behind interpretations, why the different branches evolved and what directions the branches are headed in the United States, Israel and the world. Your thoughts and questions will fuel the discussions.
Instructor: Susan Jaffe
> Fridays; 10:15 am
   December 5, 12, 19

Let’s Learn to Read Hebrew
An informal setting is provided for students wishing to learn to read Hebrew. Beginners or those wishing to brush up their reading skills are invited to this class. Additional fee for workbook may be required.
Instructor: Elaine Grossman
> Thursdays; 12:30 pm
   December 4, 11, 18

Controversial Issues in the Jewish World
Various positions on the Torah, culture, religion and being Jewish are presented in a forthright manner. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions, share their points of view and be a part of the discussions.
Instructor: Rabbi Barry Silver
> Tuesday; 2:00 pm
   December 16

A Portrait of Jewish Americans: Highlights from the Pew Report
The recent study by the Pew Research Center reveals some startling data about the Jewish community. Let’s review some of its findings and relate them to our own lives and the future of the Jewish community in America.
Instructor: Leah Polin
> Wednesday; 12:30 pm
   December 17

Warsaw & Berlin and Cities in Between
This presentation is a photojournalistic journey of Jewish history in the cities of Eastern and Central Europe. It will highlight through photographs and words, Jewish thriving, accomplishments, persecution, perseverance, genocide and optimistic renewal.                                                                                                                                                                                             Instructor: Kurt Bomze
>Tuesday; 12:30 pm
January 13    

Great Jewish Women
Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Sherry Lansing, Helena Rubenstein, Estee Lauder, names of women who have made a great impact in their respective fields. While women in general have had to overcome discrimination in order to proceed, Jewish women have had double the amount of discrimination because of gender as well as religious beliefs.This course is based on research by Elinor & Robert Slater.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg Lurie
>Wednesday; 12:30 pm
January 14

Lincoln & the Jews
Our most popular president played a pivotal role in assuring fair treatment of the Jews during the Civil war. As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he overruled his Commanding General, Ulysses S. Grant in treatment of the Jews. Lincoln later became known as “Father Abraham”.
Instructor: Rabbi Abraham Eckstein
>Wednesday; 12:30 pm
January 14

Abraham Cahan: Guide to a Million American Jews
For more than 70 years Abraham Cahan exercised a uniquely powerful influence on the fast-growing American Jewish community. We will be viewingthe controversial Jewish leader through three lenses: Editor of the hugely popular Daily Forward (“Forvits”); creator of the Rise of David Levinsky, widely considered the best of all immigrants novels, and the brain and voice behind the Bintel Brief, the most important newspaper column helping ‘greenhorn’ Jews adapt to a changing America.
Instructor: Ted Levine
>Wednesday; 2:00 pm
January 14, 21, 28

Kinahora/Knock Wood: Jewish Superstitions Old & New
Do you tie a red ribbon on a baby’s crib? Wear a hamsa or chai? Did your mother knock on “kinahora” to plans? Have you ever seen a girl smear her name on her birthday cake or make a wish on an eyelash? If so, join us to find out why the ancient “evil eye” is still alive. Using fairy tales, Jewish family lore, Jewish jokes and nursery rhymes, this fun class will explore
the meanings and reasons for these superstitions. You are encouraged to share your family’s ones with the class.                                                                                                                                Instructor: Carol Cott Gross
>Thursday; 12:30 pm
January 15, 22

Let’s Learn to Read Hebrew
An informal setting is provided for students wishing to learn to read Hebrew. Beginners or those wishing to brush up their reading skills are invited to this class.
(Additional fee for workbook may be required).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Instructor :Elaine Grossman
>Thursdays; 12:30 PM
January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5

Modern Israel
Using background facts, research and historical documents, the class will focus on how the ‘new’ State of Israel was founded, stabilized, set up its
political system and how it has arrived as a world power in today’s global environment. The class will trace this process and discuss current events
and technologies.
Instructor: Susan Jaffe
>Fridays; 12:30 pm
January 16, 23, 30,February 6, 13, 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27

Jewish Life in China
It is estimated that over 700,000 Jews live in South Florida. Probably very few of them are aware of the viable Jewish presence that existed in China for many
centuries. This presence prevailed from the times of Marco Polo to around 1950. The speaker was born in Manchuria, China. He has spent years tracing the history of the Jews of China including life in Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities today. Learn fascinating facts about China from his personal experiences in living throughout that nation.
Instructor: Sanford Wainer
>Monday; 12:30 pm
January 19

Magic, Mysticism & Morality:
Hassidim Revisited Two hundred and fifty years ago the Hassidic movement was born. Since then, it has transformed
Judaism. We will examine its beliefs, traditions and viewpoints of this unique branch of the Jewish religion and culture.
Instructor: Rabbi Abraham Eckstein
>Wednesdays; 12:30 pm
January 21, 28

“Ess! Ess!The Children in Europe are Starving”
Ess, ess mein kind (eat, eat my child) was one of the ways in which Jewish mothers expressed their love for their children. Food is more than eating. Food is
remembering who you are, what you are and where you came from. Jews don’t eat, they “fress”.
Instructor: Marjorie Wolfe
>Thursday; 2:00 pm
January 22

You Don’t Have to be Jewish, But it Helps!
Our resident expert on Jewish life returns with humorous and intriguing looks at Jewish life. Research and your input will make these sessions totally enjoyable afternoons. Classes include: The History of Jewish Mothers & Daughters, Bad News Jews, Good News Jews, Jews 7 I Q s, Old Jokes for Middle Aged Jews, Tidbits of Non-Famous Jews Who Should Have Been Famous! And Updates on Jews in Medicine, Retail and the World!
Instructor: Joyce Saltman
>Tuesdays; 2:00 pm
January 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3

The History of the Jews of France
This class will explore the history of the Jewish people going back to the middle ages culminating with the
present state of Jewish life in France. It is part sad, but part glorious as well. You will be astounded by the stories and lives of the French Jews.
Instructor: Pierre Chanover
>Tuesday; 12:30 pm
February 3

Israel and the Middle East
We will discuss the precarious position of Israel as it is under threat from its neighbors; Iran and other hostile nations. Discussions focus on exploring the domestic
Jewish issues such as anti-Semitism in universities and in the general population. These sessions will attempt to educate us to the constant challenges
Jews face and how to cope and overcome them.
Instructor: Alan Bergstein
>Tuesdays; 12:30 pm
February 3, 10, 17, 24

Israel: A Land of Dramatic and Poignant Contrasts
Many of our members and guests have visited Israel and have personal experiences and emotional connections to the many historical and modern sights. In this class you will be encouraged to share your
impressions, recollections and experiences of this truly magnificent Holy Land.
Instructor: Leonard Rosendahl
>Thursdays; 12:30 pm
February 5, 12, 19

Living Today Through the Lens of the Torah
2/17 God and the Supreme Court
2/24 Women- Our Other Bible Heroes
3/3 Moses and the 70 Commandments
3/10 Comparative Religions
3/17 Holidays are More Than What we Eat
3/24 Who Wrote the Torah?
3/31 Will We Need God in 100 Years?
Instructor: Buddy Schreiber
>Tuesdays; 12:30 pm
February 17, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


“What the Chelm!”: Chelm Tales
“Chelm “is the name of a legendary town inhabited by foolish, befuddled but endearing people. The chelmites are the subject of many Yiddish jokes. Join us for “chelm” of a good time!
Instructor: Marjorie Wolfe
>Thursday; 2:00 pm
February 26

“Is the Grass Always Greener?
This class will explore the often-conflicting information about what the most environmentally-friendly option is for the body after death. We will have an engaging,
practical discussion comparing the environmental benefits and drawbacks of cremation and burial, while incorporating the broader concept of Jewish
environmentalism as well.
Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons
>Wednesday; 2:00 pm
March 4

Death Perception
Have you ever wondered what we perceive after we die? What we will know and remember if anything? What does Judaism have to say on the topic? Through
thought provoking discussion, we will explore a unique understanding of the afterlife, as well as its effects on our life in this world.
Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons
>Wednesday; 2:00 pm
March 11

Evolutionary Judaism: The Survival of the Yiddish Lead
Rabbi Silver will discuss how the relationship of science and religion when combined can lead the world out of darkness and bring joy and fulfillment to our personal lives. Modern versus historical trends contribute to these
informative presentations. Bring your ideas, thoughts and questions.
Instructor: Rabbi Barry Silver
>Wednesday; 2:00 pm
March 4


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