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Jewish Culture & Israel at the JCC 

The History of Israel and the Current Threat to its Existence

The class will cover current events relating to Israel’s security. Discussions will include the United Nations, Islam, and the possibility of the American Jews disregard for the Jewish state. Open discussion is encouraged.

Instructor: Alan Bergstein | Tuesdays, March 6, 13, 20, 27 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Reincarnation and Resurrection 

This lecture provides a mystical and practical discussion on two very complex topics: resurrection and reincarnation. What does Judaism teach about these ideas? Are they the same thing? Are they at odds with each other? This philosophical discussion is one of utmost importance.

Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Monday, March 19 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

How is Judaism Different? 

Every religion has its prophets, its customs, its bible. How is Judaism different from the others? What does Judaism teach that no other religion in the history of humanity has dared to claim? Come to this class and learn the philosophies and structure of the different religious theories.

Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons | Monday, March 26 | 12:00 pm


Two Rabbis and an Attorney “ Conversations to Cherish” 

Halachic and Secular Law provide guidelines for all of life’s milestones. This class will teach you how to start the tough conversations with loved ones including end of life decisions. Points of panel discussion: What are the changing roles in sickness and health? What does prolonging life mean? What does hastening death mean? Who decides? What roles does medical technology play? What happens in a hospital or hospice and who are the players? Panel experts include: Rabbi Anthony
Fratello, Rabbi Joanna Tract and Scott Solkoff– Board Certified Elder Law Attorney.

Instructor: Sherry Picker, MSW– Paradise Home Health Care 
Mon., May 24 | 12:00pm (at Mandel JCC) 
Tues., Jun. 5 | 1:30pm (at Vi at Lakeside Village) 

If I Could, I Would 

If you were magically given the power or impetus for change, how would you change the world? Topics included: politics, entertainment, social media, sports, relationship, safety and security everyday life. This will be an open ended dialogue with class participation encouraged.

Instructor: Bruce Kalner | Thurs., May 24 | 1:30pm (at Mandel JCC) 

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