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Fall 2017

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Jewish Culture & Israel at the JCC 

ACE Open House- With Guest Speaker David Dalin

Join renowned author David Dalin as he introduces his newly-released book entitled Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court: From Brandeis to Kagan. In this book, Dalin examines the lives, legal careers and legacies of eight Jews who have served or currently serve as Supreme Court Justices. As a scholar of American Jewish history, Dalin serves on the American Jewish Historical Society Academic Advisory Counsel and on the Board of the American Jewish Committee, Palm Beach County region. He has also taught at several universities.

Wednesday, October 11 | 1:00pm
Free & open to the community

The Jews and the Circus 

With the closing of the Ringling Bros Circus, whose CEO was Jewish, we will explore the Jewish viewpoint on training animals for entertainment for business and for pleasure. Is it legal and is it animal cruelty? This debate goes all the way back to the Roman Circuses and the Torah itself!
Instructor: Andy Greenberg                                        

Tuesday October 17 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Jewish Entrepreneurs: With a Little Bit of Luck and Lots of Chutzpah, They Made it to the Top of the Heap

This series focuses on Jewish Innovators and Entrepreneurs whose genius has impacted the world of business- and whose business has impacted the world.
Instructor: Irene Cohen  

Wednesdays October 17, November 15 and December 20 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 


Can Jews Practice Yoga?

What is Yoga? Is it a religion contrary to Juidaism? Is there an overlap of yoga and basic Jewish ideals? Do Jews actively practice yoga for specific reasons? This series is philosophical in nature and  will enlighten audience members to the intricacies of the yoga power of thought and focus.
Instructor: Paul Tress                                           

Fridays October 20 & 27 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 


Colonial Jewish America 

The colonial times were a rapidly moving era for the United States. The roles of the Jewish population in the era will be investigated and detailed. Topics include: The Revolutionary War Era, Settlements, Synagogues, soldiers, Differnces from Eastern European Jewry, The “ Age of Enlightenment” and Early Presidents and the U.S. Constitution.
Instructor: Eric Soroka                                    

Monday October 30 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 


Current Events and Controversies         

Rabbi Silver’s goal is to provide a monthly discussion forum open to the ACE members and guests. Join a friendly environment covering a wide variety of general interest topics and information including current events, news, politics, history, literature, religion, science, Jewish issues and world affairs are just a few of our major topic areas.  We will discuss the correct and the politically incorrect. Controversial topics will certainly be included.
Instructor: Rabbi Barry Silver        

Thursdays October 26, November 16, December 21 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

Famous Jewish Women in Theater, Movies and Television

Jewish women who have made their mark in their chosen specialties are featured in this informative class highlighting the careers of Shelly Winters, Bess Meyerson and Beverly Sills.
Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg-Lurie                            

Thursday November 9 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 

What Do Jews Say About?....

Ever wonder what the Jewish viewpoint is on divorce, the evil eye, gambling, Women’s liberation, optimism, sports, revenge, and pornography? Join everyone in an intriguing eye opening discussion that will leave you enlightened and entertained! 
Instructor: Andy Greenberg                                   

Tuesday November 14 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest

Israel, the Middle East and the Future of American Jewry

We will discuss the current events in the Middle East as it relates to the issues of Israel and the Jewish world. Participation is encouraged with factual information.
Instructor: Alan Bergstein   

Tuesdays November 21, 28, December 5, 12 | 1:30pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 


Christians and the Holocaust

The Catholic Church was persecuted under the third Reich with the Nazi leadership hoping to de-Christianize Germany. How and when did it all begin? How did the Christians respond to the Nazi Regime? This in-depth look at history will amaze you.
Instructor: Pierre Chanover                                 

Wednesday, November 29 | 12:00 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest

The Return of the Jews to Their Ancestral Land

The history of the Jews has been filled with centuries of turbulence. Creating the State of Israel reverts back to biblical times. This series highlights the years that it took to bring Jews back to their ancestral land. The 4 parts include: From Abraham to Moses, David Ben Gurion’s Biblical Courage; The Six Day War changes the Middle East and the prospect of peace in the Middle East; and how the Arab States realize that the State of the Jews is advantageous to them. This provides a detailed and fascinating look at this amazing country of Israel from one who lived the life.

Instructor: Dr. Shlomo Gabbay    Thursdays, November 30, December 7, 14, 21 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest

The Electric Chair- Is it a Jewish Thing? 

What is the Jewish view on capital punishment?  Has it changed over the years? Why?  Under Torah law what are the types? Who carries them out?  What is needed as proof? What about today?  You won’t believe some of the things we do and do not believe in.
Instructor: Andy Greenberg                                         

Tuesday, December 5 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 


Jewish Theology

Rabbi Jay will offer a theological view of Judaism. Topics will include: the Judaic view on God, communicating with God and our relationship with God. Thought insights are shared and your participation is encouraged within the discussions.
Instructor: Rabbi Jay Lyons                

Thursdays, December 7, 14, 21 | 12:00 pm
Free Member$15 Guest 

Does Prayer Work? 

We Jews pray a lot!  Does it work?  Is anyone listening? Join a remarkable discussion based on recent research on the results of daily prayer that could conclude that that prayer works more times than we think even if a person does not know that people are praying for them.  It also works on animals.
Instructor: Andy Greenberg                                          

Tuesday, December 12 | 1:30 pm
Free Member • $15 Guest 


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