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Let's Learn to Read Hebrew 

An informal setting is provided for students wishing to learn to read Hebrew. Beginners or those wishing to brush up their reading skills are
invited to this class. (Workbook fee may be required).

Instructor: Elaine Grossman 

>Thursdays, Jan 14-Mar 10 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Living Legends: Jews Who are Changing the World

The Guru of Laughter, Joyce will be introducing some famous and some not-yet-so-famous people of the Jewish tribe who have made meaningful contributions to the community. Some of these legends will be interviewed live, while others will be discussed in absentia.

Instructor: Joyce Saltman 

>Tuesdays, Jan 26- Mar 8 (no class Feb 23) 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 


Living Today Through the Lens of the Torah

Topics: Anti-Semitism in America Today, Do Americans follow the 10 Commandments, The 47 commandments for Atheists, How the Caveman Found God-the history of religion, Moses, the man behind the myth, Who’s in the Torah-Genesis & Exodus, What’s in the Torah-Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy.

Instructor: Buddy Schreiber 

>Fridays, Feb 5-Mar 18 
  Free/Members; $15/Guest 

Jewish Art and Artists Who are Jewish

Meet Jewish artists who focus on historic and contemporary Jewish themes and will be featured in this informative series. This class will also focus on some artists who happen to be Jewish and include a Jewish subject in their creations, but do not focus on Jewish themes

Instructor: Irene Cohen 

>Wednesdays, Jan 27, Feb 24, Mar 30, Apr 6 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

 Israel, The Middle East, American Jewry and the History of Islam

The class will focus on discussions of the news dealing with the areas of concerns surrounding the Jewish/American community. We will be learning about the foundations of Islam, the history of Israel and the Jews of America. The effects of Islam on the world today and the Jews of America will be a recurring theme.

Instructor: Paul Tress

>Thursdays, Feb 16- Mar 8 
   Free/Member; $15/Guest 

 Dealing with Fear: Surviving the Holocaust and Becoming a Refugee

Dr. Bert Diament was 4 months old when the Germans decreed a yellow star be worn by all Jews, otherwise they would be shot. Shortly after, his immediate family as well as 50,000 other Jews were incarcerated in the Ghetto and from there, 25,000 were sent to concentration camps. This class details different escapes, ways to avoid being sent to these camps and how one man learned to deal with these fears.

Instructor: Dr. Bert Diament 

>Wednesday, Feb 17
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

 A Layperson Looks at Mussar

Mussar is a Judaic practice of looking inward and taking appropriate action on human traits, including silence, humility and faith. The lectures will introduce the concept, give references and suggestions for practice. Topics: What is Mussar, Relation to Jewish Thought, Mussar Today and How to Practice Mussar.

Instructor: Paul Tress 

>Thursdays, Feb 18-25 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Jewish Sites & Connections In Provence, France 

This presentation will consist of photographs and commentary on the many Jewish sites and people that existed in Paris and Provence. In Paris,
we will view the Jewish artists exhibited in the L’Orangerie as well as the Documentation Center and its museum. We will visit the Marais section
of Paris, and the Jewish graves and Holocaust monuments in Pere LaChaise (Paris cemetery). Finally, travel with us to Avignon, Aix en Provence
and the places and faces of Marseille.

Instructor: Kurt Bomze

>Monday, Feb 29 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 
  12:30 PM

 Country Music, Rap and Jewish Prayers 

One of the biggest complaints about Jewish prayers is it is ‘boring.” Learn the lessons from country music, rap and hip hop to add an appreciation of the marvels
of the Jewish prayer book for daily, Shabbat and holiday worship. The one thing for sure is the class will NOT be boring!

Instructor: Andy Greenberg 

>Thursday, Mar 10 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Jewish Women: Strength, Wisdom, Compassion

Jewish women have been a source of strength, wisdom and compassion since Biblical times. Throughout the ages, they have endured hardships, celebrated life events and developed a new avenue of self-expression as they were able to participate more fully in culture and a career outside the home.

Instructor: Joan Lavine 

>Monday, Mar 14 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Text Messages from the Torah

What hidden secrets are found in the 613 Mitzvot? How is Chanukah predicted in the Torah? Is the Torah a mathematical genius filled with Gematria
and hidden secrets of life? Is it all made up or true? This class will give you “information” that you can use to make up your own mind! Previous knowledge of Torah or advanced math skills is not required.

Instructor: Andy Greenberg 

>Thursday, Mar 17 
   Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Jewish Spain: The Past and What of the Present?

This presentation is a photographic essay of Judaism. It focuses on the past and the present in the Northern and Central parts of Spain. We will travel to the cities of Barcelona, Zaragoza, Girona, Bilbao, Segovia and Madrid to see what the Jewish involvement in the Spanish Civil War, and the Franco Regime was.

Instructor: Kurt Bomze 

>Monday, Mar 21 
 Free/Member; $15/Guest 

On the Wings of an Eagle

This is the astonishing story of Operation Magic Carpet which carried 48,000 Yemenite Jews from persecution to the safety of Israel in 1949-50. Learn
of the determination of the president of Alaska Airlines to take action in this humanitarian crisis and the heroism of the pilots and support crew
who flew hundreds of dangerous missions over hostile territory to meet the challenge.

Instructor: Charlotte Glass

>Tuesday, Mar 22 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

“Shit-Arein”…Is NOT a Dirty Word!: Yiddish Words That Will Make You Laugh

Think: “shtlickl”, “schmatte”, “shporevdik”, “shtetl”, words that you’ve heard in your youth. Marge will educate you in the pronunciation and the funny sounds that these words make when you say them. The meanings and origins will make you smile and bring back memories

Instructor: Marge Wolfe 

>Monday, Mar 28 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 


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