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The Many Faces of Judaism
The class will examine the four branches of Judaism. Topics to be included: the Rabbinical Seminaries, the theories behind interpretations, why the different branches evolved and what directions the branches are headed in the United States, Israel and the world. Your thoughts and questions will fuel the discussions.
Instructor: Susan Jaffe
> Fridays; 10:15 am
   October 24, 31, November 7, 14, 21, December 5, 12, 19

Who Are the Famous Jews of France?
Jews have been a target of prejudice and hostility for centuries and yet their contributions to French society have been enormous. One has to look back at centuries’ past French history in order to see that the Jews of France had their bright recognition. Join our exploration of this fascinating subject.
Instructor: Pierre Chanover
> Wednesday; 12:30 pm
   October 22

Let’s Learn to Read Hebrew
An informal setting is provided for students wishing to learn to read Hebrew. Beginners or those wishing to brush up their reading skills are invited to this class. Additional fee for workbook may be required.
Instructor: Elaine Grossman
> Thursdays; 12:30 pm
   October 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, December 4, 11, 18

Controversial Issues in the Jewish World
Various positions on the Torah, culture, religion and being Jewish are presented in a forthright manner. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions, share their points of view and be a part of the discussions.
Instructor: Rabbi Barry Silver
> Thursdays; 2:00 pm; October 23, November 20,
> Tuesday; 2:00 pm; December 16

Jewish Jokes for Jewish Folks: Deflating Exaggerated Expectations
Throughout history, wry senses of humor have helped Jewish folk respond to and deal with the exaggerated expectations of both their surrounding societies and internal relationships with family and friends. This presentation reviews and shares some of the jokes and stories, both well-known and not so-well-known, used to deflate those expectations as well as reminding us of the values inherent to those stories.
Instructor: Amy Lezberg
> Monday; 2:00 pm
   October 27

Israel and the Middle East
We will discuss the precarious position of Israel as it is under threat from its neighbors; Iran and other hostile nations. Discussions focus on exploring the domestic Jewish issues such as anti-Semitism in universities and in the general population. These sessions will attempt to educate us to the constant challenges Jews face and how to cope and overcome them.
Instructor: Alan Bergstein
> Tuesdays; 12:30 pm
   November 4, 11, 18, 25

One Life to Live, in Spite of Hitler
From the age of gas lamps and gas chambers, Anny Lerman’s life is played out against the background of Austria, Palestine, Israel and America. Linda Spitzer will interview the dynamic 87 year old, Anny and you will be there as her gripping story unfolds.
Instructor: Linda Spitzer and Anny Lerman
> Thursday; 2:00 pm
   November 13

Planning Ahead - A Part of Jewish Culture
Throughout our heritage, our people have always had the wisdom and forethought to plan for the future. Join us as we discuss the areas which are traditionally planned, new topics you may consider for tomorrow and your questions.
Instructor: Philip Wishna & Charles Schwartz
> Monday; 12:30 pm
   November 24

They Had Jewish Roots, Too
Famous people who had a Jewish parent or Jewish ancestors are included, with many surprises for the audience. Pictures and verbal clues are given to the audience to guess each identity before more information is given for the reveal. Pictures are presented in a PowerPoint show.
Instructor: Dr. Rose Feinberg
> Wednesday; 12:30 pm
   December 3

The Triumph of Technology
This is a PowerPoint presentation about the great technological advancements that have come out of Israel over the last 66 years. How does Israel, with fewer people and smaller than the state of New Jersey, no natural resources and hostile nations all around, produce such an amazing number of companies on the NASDAQ? Fascinating information will be shared.
Instructor: Leah Polin
> Wednesday; 12:30 pm
   December 10

Let Them Eat Latkes
This interactive class will demonstrate an easy way to make latkes for Hanukkah. We will explore the who, what, where, when and why we celebrate this favorite Jewish holiday and sample the tasty food associated with it.
Instructor: Dorothy Herman
> Wednesday; 12:30 pm
   December 10

A Portrait of Jewish Americans: Highlights from the Pew Report
The recent study by the Pew Research Center reveals some startling data about the Jewish community. Let’s review some of its findings and relate them to our own lives and the future of the Jewish community in America.
Instructor: Leah Polin
> Wednesday; 12:30 pm
   December 17

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