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Health & Wellness

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Learning to Live Healthy Within Your Lifestyle
Three sessions detail methods of creating a healthier life and living longer:
• Seniors Live Young! Stay younger longer, how? Just attend to discover the ways.
• Holistic Breast Cancer Prevention Learn how to keep the immune system strong and holistic practitioners methods to prevent cancers.
• To Flu or Not to Flu? Do you take the flu shot? Get the latest information and educate yourself before you take it again.
Instructor: Dr. Nicole Rothman
> Thursday; 12:30 pm; December 11

True Senior Sex Stories: Smile, Laugh, Enjoy, Energize
By the year 2020, 1 in 5 Americans will be over 65 years of age. Do we honestly believe that over 20% of the adult population is not having or thinking about sex? This lively workshop presents true stories that poignantly present the case for the human condition. In a 30 year career as a Transition Counselor, Dr. Meyerson has collected many interesting vignettes. These tidbits are told by boomers, their children, healthcare professionals, flirtatious elders and are related with humor and goodwill. Course requirements: a sense of humor, the desire to enjoy life and your story telling abilities.
Instructor: Ann Meyerson/ Sherry Picker
>Tuesday; 2:00 pm
January 20

The Reiki Circle for That Good Feeling
Reiki’s origin goes back to ancient times. It is believed to be similar to the healing energy used by the High Priests of Israel. Its’ practice was lost over time but rediscovered in Japan in the 1800s by a Buddhist Monk Dr. Mikao Usui, principal of Dashisha University in Kyoto, Japan. Reiki is a hand on or hands off method for healing both physical and emotional disease. It is used in hospitals and other medical facilities. The practitioner is a conduit for the energy to pass through to the recipient. Recipient effects vary but if open to the energy most will feel very good and peaceful.
(Class limited to 10 participants).
Instructor: Fern Pearl
>Wednesdays; 10:15 am
January 21, February 4, 18, March 4, 18


Living Life to Its Fullest Potential
You will learn to live your life to the fullest by having your greatest asset, your health! There are many aspects to being healthy from caring for the body, healthful clean eating, movement and attitude. Join Dr. Nicole as she explores physical, mental and chemical aspects that affect your health so you can reduce or eliminate medications. The Secret to Advanced Healing (January 27), Chocoholic’s Anonymous (February 10), “Immunition”- building an ironclad immune system (March 31).
Instructor: Dr. Nicole Rothman
>Tuesdays; 12:30 pm
January 27, February 10, March 31

New Medical Research: Live Longer, Live Better
Improve your health, life span, energy levels and discover less risk for debilitating diseases. This interactive, interesting series of talks as well as learning new approaches to behavioral and hygienic measures which have been the subject of recently
published research articles, is the focus of these lectures.
Instructor: Dr. David Nash
>Tuesdays; 10:15 am
February 3, 10, 17, 24

Stop Stressing, Learn to Meditate
This series is designed to learn to practice meditation to reduce the stress of everyday living. The class will include discussions of different forms of meditation as well as practical keys to learning proper techniques and
achieving the benefits.
Instructor: Angela Margolis
Tuesdays; 12:30 pm
March 3, 10, 17, 24


Snake Oils, Magnets and other Medical Quackery
Do these “fads” and new real life” cures and treatments” articles or TV Pitches really help or are they actually harmful to the user? Find out in this fascinating discussion of questionable medical breakthroughs.
Instructor: Dr. Stan Polin
>Thursday; 12:30 pm
March 12


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