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Arts, Music, and Entertainment at the JCC 

Picasso: A Brush with Destruction 

Picasso is quoted as saying “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” It is this creator and destroyer of worlds that is the subject of this presentation. In a sense, this program will be a revisionist biographical description of the artist & works examined against the crests & troughs of his tumultuous life. Picasso moved through life analogizing atoms of paint into psychological wavelengths few artists have envisioned before. His anthropomorphic transformations of common objects & the human form likened them to a single emotion, material or point of departure. In a sense like Oscar Wilde, Picasso took pride in a demonization of sameness. He was not concerned with beauty or its objectification nor, to a greater extent, how he related to others. This artistic and personal interface is integral to this four-part program looking at the profile & episodic career of perhaps the greatest artist of the 20th century. Instructor: Ken Green

Wednesdays, November 30, December 7, 14, 21 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Cultural Fridays: An Afternoon of Dance, Ballet and Opera

This series presented on alternating Fridays (with the movie series), presents outstanding performances by the most famous and talented players. Dance, opera, ballet and classical genres are highlighted. Instructor: Don Pasternak

Friday, December 2, 16 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

All that Jazz and More! 

This class includes highlights of artists Bette Midler and Sophie Tucker. Experience the divine Bette Midler doing her “thing” including Wind Beneath My
Wings (video starts at 12:30 pm sharp). Afterwards, class participants will delve into the life and loves of the outrageous Sophie Tucker. Audio and video never seen or heard before will enhance your enjoyment. Instructor: Wally Reed

Wednesdays, December 7, 14 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The American Classic Movie Club 

This new addition to our Friday movie series presents the movies that have become classics and treasured by American audiences. Alternating with our other
Friday cultural presentations, you will delight to the movies that set the standards for American film. Instructors: Roberta Martel & George Feirstein

Friday, December 9 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Al Hirschfeld- "The Line King" 

Al Hirschfeld enchanted generations with his lyrical linear caricatures. His art appeared in every major publication during the 20th century. His distinctive drawings graced book covers, record albums, playbills, and advertisements. We looked forward to counting his “Ninas” each Sunday in the New York Times. The antics of Vaudeville and Burlesque initially informed his work, but he soon allowed his irrepressible humor free reign. His exuberance was a gift that he willingly shared and his images still dance in our heads. Instructor: Dr. Terryl Lawrence

Monday, December 12 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

The Duke & Duchess of Windsor: Demonized and Deified 

The JCC’S “Distinguished Speaker Series" presents Richard Rene Silvin- author, historian and former CEO. Join us as he talks about the fascinating lives of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. This includes details of their love affair which caused the young, handsome King of England to abdicate the throne and, in his words, “marry the woman I love.” Given that René was the widowed Duchess’ escort in Paris during the 1970’s, he will reveal details about the many scurrilous rumors, which circulated about the Duchess.

Tuesday, December 13 | 7:00pm 
$10 Member ● $15 Guest 

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Escher's Mathematical Art 

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. His art is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Escher’s art is fascinating as he played with architecture, perspective, and impossible spaces. His works include a drawing in which you see forward and backward without shifting your viewpoint and a building topped with a staircase on which one could walk forever and never reach the top or bottom. See how Escher made glorious depictions of infinity. Instructor: Geoff Kashdan

Thursday, December 15 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Do You Remember These? 

Songs from your past- music you danced to or remind you of instances in your life- will be brought back in this happy and entertaining session. Bring your requests, your stories and listen to the music of our lives. Instructor: DJ Charlie Deitch

Monday, December 19 | 2:00 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest

Cultural Fridays: At the Movies 

Interesting and dynamic American and International films are the highlight of the series meeting alternate Fridays. Titles and descriptions will be announced to the audience in advance of the presentation. Instructors: Roberta Martel and Eileen Budwig

Friday, December 23 | 12:30 pm
Free Member ● $15 Guest 

The Life and Work of Addison Mizner 

The JCC’S “Distinguished Speaker Series" presents Richard Rene Silvin- author, historian and former CEO. Join us as he presents “The Life and Work of Addison Mizner”, the flamboyant, socialite architect of the roaring 1920s who created the Palm Beach look, known asMediterranean Revival, which has evolved into a style emulated all over South Florida. After Mizner’s success in Palm Beach, he created the model-city of Boca Raton in 1925 in the Venetian style. Sadly
the Mizner Development Corporation went bankrupt, and he died bankrupt several years later.

Tuesday, February 7 | 7:00pm 
$10 Member ● $15 Guest

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American Classic Movie Club

Join us to view and enjoy the classics of the American film library.
The schedule:
January 20: It Happened One Night
February 10: Random Harvest March 3: Brigadoon
March 24: Yankee Doodle Dandy Instructors: Roberta Martel & George Feirstein

Fridays, January 20, February 10, March 3, 24 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

Rifka Dances!

Why does she dance? Where does she dance? How does she dance? When is she obligated to dance? So WHO is Rifka? 3 Jewish dances will be taught (voluntary participation or just clap your hands!)

Instructor: Evelyn Halpern

Monday, January 23 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

We’ll Know You When We See You

January 25: The Art of Alphonse Mucha

February 22: Erte
March 29: Fernando Botero
Instructor: Irene Cohen

Wednesdays, January 25, February 22, March 29 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

Famous Jewish Women of Theater, Movies & TV

A detailed profile of some of the most famous Jewish women from the entertainment world is presented. Theda Bara, Fanny Brice, Gertrude Berg, Molly Picon, Lauren Bacall, Shelly Winters, Beverly Sills, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler are among those featured. Instructor: Saundra Rothenberg-Lurie

Thursdays, January 26, February 16 | 2:00 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

Cultural Fridays

This series presented on alternating Fridays (with the movie series), presents outstanding performances by the most famous and talented players. Dance, opera, ballet and classical genres are highlighted. Instructor: Don Pasternak

Fridays, January 27, February 17, March 10, 31 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

Friday at the Movies

The Friday movie series continues on a rotating basis featuring films of International renown, documentaries and more that have been nominated for their worthy story lines. Introductions preview the film of the week followed by discussion and your opinions. Instructors: Roberta Martel & Eileen Budwig

Fridays, February 3, 24, March 17, April 7 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

Chicago: Home of the Blues and Doo Wop

Chicago would become destination of many blues artists especially from the Mississippi Delta region. Street corner harmony sounds would add to the music being recorded by some of the biggest record companies helping create the DooWop melodies discussed and heard in this class. Instructor: Robert Weber

Monday, February 6 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

American Musical Theater

This series will feature professional presentations with your give and take critique on the subject following the history of American musical theater. This series presents video of classic theater performances. George will moderate these sessions, offer background, information and encourage audience input. Instructor: George Feirstein

Thursdays, February 9, 16, 23 March 2, 9, 16 | 12:30
Free Member
● $15 Guest


And All That Jazz

February 13: Steve Lawrence & Edie Gorme Songs and video performances that made them a favorite couple are watched and discussed.
February 20: Gene Kelly The life of Gene whose works include: Singing in the Rain and An American in Paris are recalled in a video presentation. Gene re-energized the movie musical and re-defined dancing on the big screen.
February 27: Ella Fitzgerald You will be thrilled watching “The First Lady of Song.” Her life and career documentary entitled Something to Live For will be featured as you watch Ella during her 55 years of performing the blues, be-bop and scat singing. (Narration is by Tony Bennett). Instructor: Wally Reed

Mondays, February 13, 20, 27 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest


In each session of the class, we will examine the lives of celebrities, entrepreneurs and writers that played a role in American entertainment. Featured this semester are Rosalind Russell, Shirley MacLaine, Ingrid Bergman, Walter Matthau, Gary Cooper, Robert Mitchum and Roger Moore. Instructor: Joseph Mittleman

Mondays, February 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest


And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Over the last 70 years the music industry has changed. Take an excursion with our DJ Charlie through years, identifying the hit tunes of the past as he takes you on a musical journey of the top songs that topped the charts. Instructr: DJ Charlie Deitch

Tuesday, March 7 | 2:00pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

From the Mind of Leonard Davinci: Visionary Machines and Ideas

Leonardo wrote a letter to Ludovico Sforza in which he offered a summary of his areas of expertise. There are 36 such “areas.” Leonardo was only thirty years old at the time. We all know him for his paintings and his anatomical explorations. Less known to moderns is his fascination and experimentation with mechanical designs, many of which would be realized a half a millennium after his death. Although Leonardo hated war he was drawn by the possibilities of mechanical technology in the art of war. In this presentation, selected engineering designs of his amazing mind are shown in his meticulously crafted pen and ink illustrations and then in their modern physical reconstruction. Instructor: Geoff Kashdan

Monday, March 20 | 2:00 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

1960s Music: New Music, New Jewish Artists

Discussion of Jewish artists and background producers of the 1960s including: Bob Dylan, Carole King, Barbra Streisand, Simon & Garfunkel, Burt Bacharach, Bill Graham, Phil Spector and Jerry Wexler. Instructor: Paul Tress

Thursdays, March 23, 30, April 6 | 2:00 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

The Stunning Paintings of Pieter Bruegel

These are amazingly detailed paintings of biblical themes presented in the garb and showing the technology of the Middle Ages. Brueghel stuns the viewer with detail that only a greatly enlarged image can hope to sho. See a detail close up and then attempt to locate it in the full painting. This is Waldo on steroids! Come to appreciate a great master and artistic social satirist of the 16th century. Instructor: Geoff Kashdan

Monday, March 27 | 2:00 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

Davinci & Michaelangelo: The Renaissance of Genius

The terms genius & Renaissance Man are terms all too often overused in today’s discussions of cultural contributions. Yet for a few, these are certainly authentic appraisals. Giorgio Vasari famous for his biographies of Renaissance artists wrote that “Heaven sometimes sends us beings who represent not humanity alone but divinity itself, so that taking them as our models and imitating them, our minds and the best of our intelligence may approach the highest celestial spheres.” This was most certainly the case with DaVinci & Michelangelo. This visually enhanced program compares & contrasts the life & artistic works of these historically challenging figures. Both still inspire us to understand that creativity is a multi-dimensional, colorful, imaginative, abundant and original way of life. Instructor: Ken Green

Wednesday, March 29 | 12:30 pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest

The Godfather, The Movie

For those who like to delve into the facts surrounding the movie industry and all that goes into the making of the most talked about the American crime movie of all time, The Godfather. You will learn the facts that went into the making of this classic movie. Many names were whispered by known crime bosses who actually wanted to be portrayed in the movie. The parties have argued for years whether or not The Godfather portrayed actual members of certain crime families like the Columbos and Gambinos or were all Italian-Americans portrayed as criminal. Instructor: Fred Tischler

Wednesday, April 5 | 2:00pm
Free Member
● $15 Guest





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