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Winter 2016

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Arts, Music, and Entertainment at the JCC 

Cultural Fridays: An Afternoon of Dance, Ballet, Opera, Great Performances

This series presented on alternating Fridays (with the movies series), presents outstanding performances and operas by the most famous and talented performers.

Instructor: Don Pasternak

>Fridays, Jan 29, Feb 12, 26, Mar 11, 25, Apr 8 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest
  12:30 PM

The World of Art

ACE’s resident artist, Rosemond returns with her informative series detailing specific topics on the art world. A variety of topics are described
and viewed in extensive Power Point presentations on a weekly basis. Scheduled classes include: Mughal Art & Architecture 1600-1800, Myths in Painting
and Jewish Ceremonial Art.

Instructor: Rosemond Hammond 

>Mondays, Feb. 1-15 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

The Ultimate Jazz Music

This course addresses jazz from two perspectives: the various sounds of jazz, as well as the historical streams that have contributed to its development. The first session will trace the history of jazz from the early 20th Century in cities such as New Orleans, Kansas City, and New York. The following sessions include recorded performances illustrating examples of small group jazz and its progression to big band.

Instructor: Manny Plavin 

>Tuesdays, Feb 2-16
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Jazz Since 1959

Jazz changed from swing to a different form over 50 years ago. The effects are still being felt. This class will document current day jazz and the future of jazz. Topics: 1959: the Year of the Revolution; From No-Time to Neo-Classical.

Instructor: Paul Tress 

>Thursdays, Feb 4-11 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Biographies: Celebrity Mysteries and Scandals

Hollywood is notorious for its celebrity mysteries and scandals. This course will explore some of the most famous and highly publicized. Among the best are Lana Turner, Sal Mineo, Clara Bow, George Reeves, Louise Brooks, Frankie Lymon and William Randolph Hearst.

Instructor: Joe Mittleman 

>Mondays, Feb 15-Apr 4
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Sid Caesar: Your Show of Shows

Sid Caesar was so popular that a group of Broadway theater owners tried to persuade NBC to switch Your Show of Shows to mid-week because it was ruining Saturday business. The class will take a look at his complicated life story and performances including his satires of real life events and people, as well as his parodies of film genres, theater and television shows.

Instructor: Amy Lezberg

>Monday, Feb 15 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Helen Gurley Brown: Part of the Sexual Revolution

This legendary editor of Cosmo and author of Sex and the Single Girl played a major role in the sexual revolution and changing views about women. Learn
about her early life influences and the events that established her as a major figure. Personal quotes and photographs via PowerPoint enhance this

Instructor: Rose Feinberg

>Thursday, Mar 10 
   Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Short Films from Around the World

From tales around a cave fire to dramatic theater to virtual reality experiences, great stories have shaped our culture. Stories have taken us to distant places we could never reach on our own, introduced us to people we’d never be able to meet, and have placed us into new, awkward, or frightening situations we’d never want to find ourselves in-all at a comfortable distance. A great story always keeps us thinking for days and changes our ever-growing understanding of the world.

Instructor: Carl Pivor 

>Tuesdays, Mar 15-29
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher 

Two great photographers whose images resonate with the spirituality of the natural landscape are featured. This lecture is about great photography and passionate men who were driven by the beauty of the American landscape.

Instructor: Terryl Lawrence 

>Wednesday, Mar 16 
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

 The Reader’s Theater

Come and experience the fun of reading short stories and plays out loud together. Scripts will be provided and class members will be the actors and actresses. No previous acting credits are necessary.

Instructor: Angela Margolis 

>Tuesdays, Mar 29-Apr 5
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 

Jewish Singers of the 20th Century

Famous Jewish singers and musicians have entertained multiple generations of people with their music. Some of the most-loved musicians in
the world are Jewish: Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Eddie Fisher, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand and more. The class will include an entertaining performance and interactive sing along (if you choose) with the audience. DJ Charlie D performs the songs for you.

Instructor: Charlie Deitch ("DJ Charlie D") 

>Wednesday, Mar 30
  Free/Member; $15/Guest 






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