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Kick Off Luncheon

Night in Shanghai, a new novel by the author of The Last Chinese Chef, Nicole Mones reveals not one but three untold historical stories: the untold saga of American jazz men in Shanghai, the saving of thousands of Jewish lives by Chinese Consul Ho Feng-Shan, and the Chinese government’s attempt to save 100,000 more Jewish lives by establishing a permanent resettlement zone for Jews next to Burma. Drawn from personal accounts, filled with historical personalities, based entirely on true events, Night in Shanghai is a literary page-turner that opens up new vistas in black history and Holocaust history.

Nicole Mones is the prize-winning author of The Last Chinese ChefLost in Translation, and A Cup of Light. Her nonfiction writing on China has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Gourmet, The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. She is a member of the National Committee on U.S. – China Relations.

> Wednesday; Nov 19, 11:00 am
   Location: Kravis Center for the Performing Arts
   $85/Member; $100/Guest; $180/Includes signed book

Novel Tea

In A Replacement Life, literary journalist Boris Fishman’s ambitious first novel, we enter a richly comic world of aging Russian Jewish immigrants, still fierce in their will to survive after so much misery wrought by Hitler and Stalin, and their spiritually lost new world grandchildren, displaced from the cradle of Brooklyn (where most of the emigres from the Former Soviet Union settled in the 1970s) to Manhattan, struggling to locate themselves, to figure out a city that remains alien, bewildering. Fishman’s hero is Slava Gelman, a young man wicked in satirizing his own self-absorbed, twenty-something hipster existence, yet also a deeply-feeling grandson whose life takes a serious turn after he hears about the loss of his cherished grandmother: “our first American death.”

Boris Fishman immigrated from the USSR at nine. He studied Russian Literature at Princeton, was on staff at The New Yorker, co-wrote the US Senate’s Hurricane Katrina report, and has received a Fulbright to Turkey. He’s written for The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Tablet, The Forward, The Jerusalem Report, and many others. He lives in New York.

>Tuesday; Dec 2, 2:00 pm
   Location: Winston Trails, Boynton Beach
   $18/Members; $25/Guests; $45/Includes signed book
   (price includes dessert reception)

Celebrating Sisterhood

Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living. When life hands you the unthinkable, you must find new ways to see. Such is the ground on which Nancy rebuilt her world after losing her husband to brain cancer when their twins were mere toddlers. Faith, too—combined with bold living—gave her the courage to risk love again with a former TV anchor who also happened to be widowed with two children. Both Sides Now centers around the universal question: How is it that you hold life and death in the same moment?

Nancy Sharp is an author, blogger and keynote speaker who frequently talks to large groups about bold living. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College and writes regularly for The Huffington Post. Both Sides Now is her first book.

> Wednesday; Dec 10, 10:00 am
   Location: Temple Shaarei Shalom
   $25/Member of Mandel JCC and/or participating synagogues; $30/Guest


Knish: in Search of the Jewish Soul Food  When Laura Silver’s favorite knish shop went out of business, the native New Yorker sank into mourning, but then she sprang into action. She embarked on a round-the-world quest for the origins and modern-day manifestations of the knish. The iconic potato pie leads the author from Mrs. Stahl’s bakery in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, to an Italian pasta maker in New Jersey—and on to a hunt across three continents for the pastry that shaped her identity.

Laura Silver is an award-winning journalist whose writing on food and culture has appeared in The New York Times and the Forward and on NPR. She is considered the world’s leading expert on the knish.

> Thursday; Dec 25, 6:30 pm
   Location: Mandel JCC, Boynton Beach

Novel Tea

Invisible City: Just months after Rebekah Roberts was born, her mother, an Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn, abandoned her Christian boyfriend and newborn baby to return to her religion. Neither Rebekah nor her father have heard from her since. Now a recent college graduate, Rebekah has moved to New York City to follow her dream of becoming a big-city reporter. But she’s also drawn to the idea of being closer to her mother, who might still be living in the Hasidic community in Brooklyn. Then Rebekah is called to cover the story of a murdered Hasidic woman. But getting to the truth won’t be easy - even as she immerses herself in the cloistered world in which her mother grew up.

Julia Dahl writes about crime and criminal justice for She was born and raised in Fresno, Ca. and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her debut novel, Invisible City (Minotaur Books), is now available.

> Monday; Jan 5, 2:30 pm
   Location: Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Country Club
   Series of 4 Novel Teas: $170/Member; $200/Guest

ACE Open House

Come join other like-minded women for a night of laughing, mingling, and noshing! Hear from best-selling writer Iris Krasnow, author of Sex After...: Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes. Wine and light bites will be served.

Iris Krasnow, the bestselling author of The Secret Lives of Wives offers an honest, candid, and intimate guide to enjoying a long, satisfying sex life.

> Wednesday; Jan 8, 1:30 pm
   Location: Mandel JCC, Boynton Beach
   Free to the community

Sunday Series

An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course is a hilarious and poignant memoir of a Harvard student who comes of age as a caddie on St. Andrews’ fabled Old Course.

Oliver Horovitz is a writer, filmmaker, and caddie on the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland. He has written feature articles about his rounds in Sports Illustrated, Golf World, Golf Digest, and Golf Week. He is the son of playwright Israel Horovitz, and brother of Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz. Oliver lives in New York City.

> Sunday; Jan 11, 11:00 am
   Location: Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens
   $21/Member; $25/Guest

Novel Teas

Timeless: Love, Morgenthau, and Me Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Lucinda interviewed Robert Morgenthau, and before she walked out his door the two had fallen in love with each other. Morgenthau was one of the most prominent Jews in America, son of FDR’s Treasury Secretary and now New York’s iconoclastic District Attorney—and he was twice Lucinda’s age. This is an intimate story of their 35-year marriage, in which Lucinda and Robert shared early success, a love of Jewish culture, a visceral horror of the Holocaust, and a determination to build the city’s first Holocaust museum. The couple took trips to Israel, where they visited with Ariel Sharon and various well-known figures, and became passionately pro-Israel.

Lucinda Franks Morgenthau is a writer for The New York Times, The New Yorker, and other publications. She won the Pultizer Prize for National Reporting and is the author of four books: Timeless, My Father’s Secret War, Wild Apples, and Waiting Out A War. Taught at Yale, Princeton and Vassar. Married to Robert M. Morgenthau, former District Attorney of New York.

> Tuesday; Jan 13, 2:00 pm
   Location: Boynton Beach Woman's Club
   $18/Member; $25/Guest; $45/Includes signed book

Norton Luncheon

Unstill Life is a daughter’s memoir of a larger-than-life father known as Mr. Modern Art. Born into a Jewish family in Munich in 1919, Peter Selz watched the ascension of the Third Reich. Forced to wear a star, forbidden to attend school, his home destroyed and the art he loved labeled degenerate, Selz escaped to America, eventually becoming the chief curator of the Museum of Modern Art. His daughter, Gabrielle, grew up in a home full of celebrated artists in the heyday of Abstract Expressionism, from Rothko and de Kooning to Christo. Selz offers a unique window into one of the most illustrious periods in art history.

Gabrielle Selz has published in magazines and newspapers including More magazine, The New York Times, Newsday, Fiction, and The Huffington Post. She is the recipient of a fellowship in Nonfiction Literature from the New York Foundation for the Arts and a Moth Story Slam winner. She lives with her son in Southampton, New York.

> Monday; Feb 2, 11:00 am
   Location: Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach
   $72/Member; $85/Guest; includes lunch

Author Event

Pam Jenoff and Alyson Richman, Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion
Bestselling authors Alyson Richman and Pam Jenoff will appear together this year.  In addition to their individual new releases (Richman’s The Garden of Letters and Jenoff’s The Winter Guest) the authors are thrilled to discuss the anthology for which they both wrote stories: Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion.  Grand Central is an exciting new work that brings together the stories of ten bestselling female historical fiction authors –each of which pass through Grand Central Terminal on the same day in August 1945.

> Tuesday; Feb 10, 11:00 am
    Location: Indian Spring, Boynton Beach
    $50/Member; $60/Guest; includes lunch

Novel Tea
The Riddle of Solomon
, is a fast-paced, exciting story set largely in Israel and deals with the biblical stories and legends surrounding King Solomon. Archaeologist Sarah Weston and anthropologist Daniel Madigan team up for another adventure which begins with the discovery of an ancient scroll, composed as a riddle. The pair must journey through the worlds of the occult, corporate greed, geopolitical conflict, Judaic mysticism, and biblical archaeology, in order to uncover the hidden message which could have an explosive impact on modern Israel.  

Daphne Nikolopoulos writes archaeological and historical thrillers under the pen name D.J. Niko. Nikolopoulos is an award-winning journalist, author, editor, and lecturer. She is known not only for the Sarah Weston Chronicles, her fictional works, but also for her non-fictional efforts.  Her book, The Storm Gourmet: A Guide To Creating Extraordinary Meals Without Electricity, is the Floridian’s guide to eating well when the power goes off. Daphne is the editor in chief of Palm Beach Illustrated magazine, and the editorial director of Palm Beach Media Group. 

> Wednesday; March 18, 2:30 pm 
    Location: Private Home, Palm Beach Gardens
    Pricing: Series of four PBG Novel Teas, $170/members $200/guests
    Single tickets sold after 12/8/2014 pending availability.

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