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Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens

Ruth Reichl   
Ruth Reichl has been a restaurant critic for The New York Times, the editor of Gourmet magazine, a bestselling author (her charming memoir, Tender to the Bonr, is a must for anyone remotely interested in food. Join her as she talks about a meaningful person , place and thing in her life – as well as her first novel, Delicious!

> Tuesday, May 6; 8:15 pm; Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens 


Upcoming Simulcast:

Elie Wiesel  
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Elie Wiesel, founder of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity and Nobel Laureate, at 92Y.

> Thursday, May 22; 8:00 pm; Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens 

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