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Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens

Robert Wagner with Liz Smith: You Must Remember This 
The legendary actor and bestselling author takes a nostalgic look back at Hollywood’s golden age – the mythic figures, the legendary stars, the houses and haunts of the elite. Liz Smith calls herself “the 2000-year-old gossip columnist”. She has worked in celebrity/show biz for 57 years.

> Tuesday, Mar 11; 8:15 pm; Ballen Isles Country Club


Upcoming Simulcasts:

Simon Schama - The Story of the Jews
Simon Schama talks about the history of the Jews in full, rich detail and with a keen sense of how people really lived. Schama’s The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000BC-1494AD (a new book and television series soon to air on PBS) takes us all over India, Spain, Paris and Cairo as well as many more international cities. It shows Jews everywhere as a vital force in any society they joined, inspiring and being inspired by everything around them.  

> Monday, Mar 24; 8:00 pm; Ballen Isles Country Club


Ruth Reichl  
Ruth Reichl has been a restaurant critic for The New York Times, the editor of Gourmet magazine, a bestselling author (her charming memoir, Tender to the Bonr, is a must for anyone remotely interested in food. Join her as she talks about a meaningful person , place and thing in her life – as well as her first novel, Delicious!

> Tuesday, May 6; 8:15 pm; Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens 


Elie Wiesel  
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Elie Wiesel, founder of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity and Nobel Laureate, at 92Y.

> Thursday, May 22; 8:00 pm; Mandel JCC, Palm Beach Gardens 

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