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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
SilverSneakers Fitness Program

The Mandel JCC, Boynton Beach is a participating location of the SilverSneakers Fitness Program. If you are a senior adult you may be eligible for a free JCC membership through the SilverSneakers program and your health plan provider.

What is the SilverSneakers Fitness Program?
SilverSneakers is a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events.

What are the benefits of the SilverSneakers Program?
It provides a fitness center membership to any participating location across the country. The Mandel JCC is a participating location so with this program you will receive a free JCC membership. This includes:

  • Access to conditioning classes, exercise equipment, pool, and other available amenities
  • Customized SilverSneakers classes design exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance
  • Health education seminars and other events that promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • A discount for joining our Academy of Continuing Education program

Does my health plan offer SilverSneakers?
Many leading health plans offer SilverSneakers to their members. To find out if your health plan offers it, you can call them directly or visit our membership staff. By providing your name, date of birth, and policy number we can look up whether or not you are eligible.

What are SilverSneakers classes?
SilverSneakers classes are total-body conditioning classes designed to increase muscular strength, endurance, range of movement, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination. They range from 45 to 60 minutes and are offered at least twice a week. Classes typically involve the use of hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a small exercise ball. In some classes, a chair may be available for seating or additional support.

Who teaches the classes?
SilverSneakers classes are taught by credentialed instructors who are specially trained in leading fitness programs for aging adults. All SilverSneakers class instructors undergo an in-person training and evaluation process to become a SilverSneakers instructor.

My health plan doesn’t offer SilverSneakers- can I still take SilverSneakers classes?
Yes. Members of Medicare Advantage plans that don’t offer SilverSneakers can still take SilverSneakers classes. But to do so, they will need to purchase a basic membership at the participating fitness center (in this case, the JCC).

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